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Dictionary of New Epigrams


Fear is a good thing when it prevents us from doing stupid things.

Fear forces us into fight, flight or freeze, and of these the most self-destructive is to freeze and thus to be killed at the aggressor’s discretion.

Our fears become greater when we refuse to face them, and the faster we run from them the colder their breath is down our neck.

When a fear freezes our action we can only hope not to lose; if we flee we hope to survive and fight at a more propitious time; if we choose to fight we put the aggressor into the fight, flight or freeze mode, and may win.

Fear makes even a hero weak, so present odd and unaccountable things to an aggressor and make him pause and think. And when he does, make your move.

Almost everything is unknown and even unknowable, so why bother to fear some specific unknown, and instead set the present situation up in such a way that whatever happens becomes useful to your needs.

A tiny observation may turn a well understood situation into one of unexpected chaos; thus design your plans to thrive on chaos, and your enemies to fall apart with unexpected events.

Fear makes unexpected events inexplicable and thus to appear more dangerous than they probably are in reality.

When your enemy fears that he may lose the battle, he is about to flee, and a fleeing enemy is one step from being defeated.

Many people live their lives bouncing between absurd hopes and absurd fears.

Fear is an emotion that is wholly within the person, and as such it can with mental effort be brought under control.

Why fear being dead? It is like fearing empty space. It is nothing.

If we pause to understand what we fear, quite often we can easily cope with the problem.

We soon hate what we fear, and fear what we hate, but in a moment of self-consciousness we can choose to smile at those things and pause to think what our better options might be.

Thoughtful imagination is a wonderful thing for discovering one’s own needs, and exposing an enemy’s.

When you fear that your weakness may be known, you have lost half your strength.

Discover what your enemy fears most and at the critical moment expose it.

What a timid man most fears is exposure of his weakness.

Step into fearful situations so you can learn to cope with fear.