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There is little interest in nearly all of the 3171 posts on this Probaway site. The only consistent interest has been in health posts, such as:

How to do a deep cough to clear inhaled food.
Colonoscopy – and how to enjoy drinking the foul tasting purging fluids.
How to stop broken ribs from hurting when you sneeze.
Migraine cure – an aura event appeared to respond to an ice pack and tapping.
A migraine prodrome aura cure with a strange eye exercise.
A trick for opening a ziplock bag.
A cure for the common cold using 105° F baths.
Spider bites can be fun to watch.
Preventing Alveolar osteitis, a dry socket, after losing a tooth
Light from many lamps – Quotes on mature actions

These are today’s top ten favorites, and they are almost all medical observations I have made. I have put in a thousand times the effort on other more important subjects, but there are nearly zero hits on them. These medical things worked for me when I had some particular problem, and these posts have no more scientific backing than that they worked for me.

It’s time that a reanalysis of the subject matter in this blog is in order, and perhaps a new photo too. Here is an old photograph that might be appropriate. It illustrates clearly that Wendy Northcutt, the creator of the Darwin Awards, was easily convinced back in 2009 that I needed one. As far as I know this is the only one she has given to anyone who wasn’t out of the gene pool because of their foolish behavior. A few minutes talking to me was enough. From this photo you can see why.

Charles Scamahorn of Earthark getting a Darwin Award sticker from Wendy Northcutt

Charles Scamahorn of Earthark getting a Darwin Award sticker from Wendy Northcutt

To understand why the creator of The Darwin Awards gave me one while I’m still alive, go to Darwin Awards are coming humanity’s way. Or alternatively, you can read my 3,171 posts, or more easily click the dates along the top of every post for a summary.

Darwin Award

Charles Scamahorn getting a prehumous Darwin Award from their creator, Wendy Northcutt.

Perhaps this freaky photo will be more attractive to people than the more sane looking ones.