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No matter who you are or what your current situation, your future begins right now. If you are going to change the future trajectory of your life from where it is already headed, you will have to do so from the present moment. The present moment constantly changes, so that change must be made during a moment of awareness, and that moment is always and forever, right now. Therefore, think at this moment about your future and what you want to change.

Finding something important that needs doing will help guide you toward individual tasks that need doing. Just going to school will not be very interesting unless you have a long-term goal. The more specific the goal the easier it is to do the boring routine daily tasks; that’s because you can see that the completion of the big task requires that you do these little things first. Sometimes you will want to change your big long-term goal, but if you have done a lot of the preparations for your original goal you will discover there are crossovers that can be directly used for this new goal. The preparation for the first goal will have been done with enthusiasm, and the accomplished tasks will have been done better. When going toward the new goal you will be better prepared, and the various preparations are cumulative in their effects, and you will be better prepared for everything you ever choose to pursue.

Another important concept is to make your mental actions into physical activities. You will become more skilled by practice than if you just read about the subject. The physical practice greatly improves your total abilities, so if possible find someone to whom you can teach those skills, and practice with them. Teaching a subject is a great way to learn that subject better because it quickly shows what you need to learn yourself, and in a setting where you can instantly learn, practice and rehearse.

These skills are for bolstering your personal abilities, but the grander goal functions better if it helps to construct something of permanent value. Things which have a value in the long run to other people, that is to your family and to your friends. Team things where your individual contribution is appreciated, but the task is intended to help the total effort. What you do is important to you, but it is also important to your associates.

Your future begins with choosing a goal and trying to reach it.