Our emotions and feelings are always living in the present moment, but our thoughts can instantly go to any time or place. Live today as you should live every day of your future life, and then you are prepared to live it well. Choose tasks that are a challenge to your abilities, so they are interesting, and then do them well. Finding tasks to do that you know are important makes it easy to generate personal enthusiasm.

Don’t dispose of the past; it brought you everything you have today. To ignore your past or parts of it would be like dropping out random pieces of your favorite song. Those kinds of acts would ruin your life.

It is foolish to take risks today, this one day, that will ruin ten thousand tomorrows; that’s like throwing away 27.39 years. There is freedom in living each moment of your life with positive choices of what you want to do. But, free choice doesn’t mean maxing out your credit cards for immediate pleasures, because that brings instant debts and permanent pain. Pleasure is had when you have the freedom to choose what you want to do.

Living in debt means being compelled to do something you don’t want to do. Being deep in debt is the modern equivalent of slavery, because if you don’t comply with another’s wishes, the money-lenders in this case, to pay up, everything dear to you is threatened with being taken away. Your car is at risk, your house too, and with those your family, and with no money at all you can’t even buy another beer. Nor can you sleep in a bed, and must piss hidden behind a tree or be arrested for indecency. In our society you aren’t chained or imprisoned with minimal food and housing, but thrown out into the darkness and ignored, without any food or shelter whatsoever, and sometimes that is even worse than slavery or being jailed.

Live your life as if you are responsible for your every action, because you are.