Paths to human maturity

Paths to human maturity.

I’ve been observing people based on the Maturity Chart I created back in 1994, but I am only coming to realize that it is futile to talk with people about things outside of their personal experiences and world view. So, observe where the person you are speaking to is at on the Paths Chart above and address them and their interests as of that moment. I’ve been making a joke of it by saying there is an opportunity to make some money from an ad in the Bend Bulletin, “If you are constipated or your life is meaningless, come talk with me for five minutes, and you will have to go to the toilet, and find your life has meaning elsewhere!” The problem comes about because I like to talk about abstract subjects, which some people love, but most Bend people can only find interest in discussing personal problems, skiing, cars, TV, sports, and these days the horrible multitudes of potholes in our streets, and the absurd statements by Trump.

But, scan back over the subjects in these blog posts, and those are the things that I was interested in on a particular day, and that is what I would like to talk about, and often did. If it doesn’t happen to be about some observations made about a person’s particular disease of the moment, they have absolutely no interest. Why should they have an interest in something that doesn’t concern them personally? Okay.

My latest comeuppance has been the total public avoidance of The EarthArk Project Memorial Day – February 29th – ! Of course I must take total responsibility for my promoting this technique for saving humanity in such a wrong way that not a single person, other than myself, displays the slightest interest. There are many good ideas explored on the 3,037 Probaway posts. I know they are good ideas because I made them work before I posted them. People will complain that they trust science, and I respect that, but one doesn’t need a year-long double-blind study with a thousand people to test the How to stop Itching method I proposed in 1994. A five-minute experiment will work every time; at least it has in my experience. You don’t need a lot of experimenting to see if a ball tossed into the air will fall toward the ground. So …

At the beginning of a conversation discover the interests of a person, and speak exclusively to those.