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A friend is someone who believes in us and is interested in our well-being. He is someone who shows his friendship in words, but more importantly in actions. He will express his feelings of concern in spontaneous acts of kindness that open the doors that provide us with greater freedom of personal action.

A friend is someone who will never lie to you even if it would benefit him greatly to do so. He values his honesty and self-respect far above some personal gain and would consider lying to a friend as the ultimate personal failure.

Care for the other person is the gravity that holds people together, and without it we would all fly apart. Friends are what make life worth living, and are more valuable than money, property, and fame. A friend is more than loyal, he is a reflection of our most honorable self. We set a standard we both adhere to because we have respect for one another.

A friend is so honest that he will not hide his own pain and gloom, but even in that sad condition he will seek to help his friend to be expansive and healthy. To put on a smile as a personal mask over one’s gloom is a personal lie and will only cultivate fair-weather friends, but will sour a deeper friendship. If you can put your attention on the good things about your life you can be genuinely cheerful to everyone, even people who consider you to be an enemy.

Live and participate by helping your friends live and participate.