Even before Heaven and Earth existed,
There was something universal.
Calm! Nebulous! Affirmative! Independent! Unchanging!

Eternally permeating, eternally ready to act,
Worthy to be the source of all things.
Your inner self may momentarily know the origin of its existence.
Let us refer to it as the way of Tao.

If forced to give its source a name, call it great.
Great implies going beyond the limits;
Going beyond the limits is over-reaching, and
Over-reaching means returning to the source.

The way is great, Heaven and Earth are great, and
Your innermost self is great also.
These are the greats of the Universe, and
Your innermost self is one of them.

Model your outer self after the processes of Earth; as
The Earth models itself after Heaven, and
Heaven follows the way, and
The way follows after the self-made void.