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A moment or remembrance came to me when J… said, “Belief is what you are thinking”, soon followed by, “STOP !!! What am I thinking? NOW?” The general subject of the hour was self-affirmations and how they can help us through our day, improve our relationship with our self and others, and how a choice of the right ones can help us to become more mature and helpful people.

Whatever you are thinking and perceiving can be changed in an instant by changing your point of view, or by thinking and feeling emotionally tranquil, or just by physically relaxing. Life isn’t like a circus, it is a circus and you can choose in an instant which show you are going to watch and participate in, and as what we perceive is already past we are always in a state of remembrance. Our bodies are participating in the present, but our perception is in the instant past, so our mind functions by predicting the future, and the whole thing is directed by our emotional state. To some degree all of these can be directed by our conscious mind, and we can choose what we will attend to, what we will feel, what habit we will bring forth, and thus what we will do.

Much of this discussion was derivative of William James’ philosophy, and that was picked up by George Gurdjieff, in All and Everything : Tales to His Grandson. In this book G. discusses this stopping technique, and he conducted meetings and dances where he randomly stopped the action and asked people what they had been thinking. Scientology has a technique where people stare into a partner’s eyes while they attempt to remain perfectly still, and when the person moves in the slightest they are challenged to state why they moved and what they were thinking. Of course, standard meditation is doing these things too, but in a quieter setting. These are all techniques for seeing into your deeper self, and seeking to control your being at a deeper level to become more observant of yourself and the world around the self.

STOP !!! Pay attention to what’s happening and participate, and that includes participating with your inner self.