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I watch Steven Colbert and he mentioned a couple of times to his guests to stay back because he was deep into a cold. That was a polite warning, but it didn’t work and more than one interviewee — I didn’t count — reached over and shook hands or hugged him. I don’t often discuss public events, but this is not really a public event, it’s a comment on how people don’t respect clear and present warnings. For decades the scientists have been warning us about global warming, as a clear and present danger, and they had the evidence to back up their claim, but the doubters spread their fear and prevented any foresight from having an effect. We are just now starting to feel the results, but there probably won’t be much effective action until … well I don’t know what.

Another thing about Steven’s cold is that I published an effective control, and functionally a cure, for the common cold back in November 1994, and posted it online again in 2007. Steven or his staff seems to scan this blog, because several times when watching his show there was a reference to a strange and obscure idea that might not have existed elsewhere on the internet. That is speculation of course, but if he had just taken two hot baths per day, as recommended in the above decades-old Proba post he wouldn’t have had any symptoms that another person would have noticed.

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