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We always see the surface of things first, and there are many things to be seen in every moment of our lives, and our brains must be trained to assemble those seen things into patterns that our mind can use to see the things beneath the surface. We can stimulate this process by asking questions, such as, “How did these things happen to be where they are, and why are they exactly where they are?”; “Why does he believe what he is saying?”;  “If I tried to change the way things are, who is going to stop me?”; “Who’s really in charge here? Is it the enforcers or are they only people employed by the real authorities to do a job, and who employed those authorities?” Usually these are easily answered questions, but you must ask the questions before the forces behind the actions become apparent. If you are going to understand why things behave the way they do, you must ask the right questions, and then:

Look at the surface and then beyond it.