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In my method of developing your maturity it is important to move into an expansive frame of mind before you make any important decisions for emotional growth. The basic idea is that fear shrinks your options, and terror eliminates them to nothing, but an expansive mental state gives you options.

When a person is in a state of terror they have no ability to think, and therefore they have no ability to observe or assess their options. If they are in that terrible emotional state it is probably because they feel they are in some life threatening situation, and because of that extreme circumstance they have no option but to cower and submit. If their state isn’t quite so extreme they may have the options of hide, flight, or fight, but even in that desperate condition their options are extremely limited. The responses in that difficult condition are probably going to be limited to those automatic animal reactions, or possibly to random so-called off-the-wall behavior.

Between the extreme state of being frozen in terror, and the most emotionally expansive state of complete exuberance, there is a large array of normal human emotions and reactions. While in these normal middle emotional states we will have the reactions to our world stimuli that we are familiar with, but most of us will have only limited experience with the extremely closed or the extremely open state of options potentially available to us.

The coming blog posts will explore ways to reach the expansive states and what to do when you are there, that will,

Help you grow rather than shrink in your personal maturity.