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I started this blog on January 1, 2008, with Life Hacks for creating a better world – where there was My good habits list of 442 habits that I had practiced the previous year. That was a list of simple practical things which were easy to do and types of observational things and ways to relate to the world. The general strategy was to create a new good habit every day, practice it seven independent times, and write it down on a list.

On the second day I did a post on the Probaway Person of the Year, and chose Cesar Millan because he was the public person with the highest rating on my  Probaway chart of human happiness. He has created methods for improving universal personal sociability built into his work for humanity and dogs.

On the third day it was a post on Last year’s “Ten Day Diet” was a great success. It was about dieting where I researched it as best as possible and created my own weight theory and recommendations. For me the best recommendation was to ease off on carbohydrates and get plenty of sleep.

Later on some of my posts have been whimsical stories, like Confirmation bias and be careful what you wish for, where I discuss my continuing conversation with a garden gnome, Samumpsickle, who has a concrete but pleasant way of relating with me.

I did a series of posts named Philosophers Squared Off In Quotations – Chronological Index of 148 Philosophers. That is a long list with a short statement by each philosopher, a Wiki link to him, a carefully redone photograph, and a lengthy list of short quotations. Then at the end some commentary by me about what I thought was significant about some quotes.

There are great many posts on the EarthArk Project and my attempt to save the world and humanity by creating a seed bank and genome bank of every living thing on top of the Argus dome in Antarctica, where containers would remain below minus fifty degrees for a very long time.

There was an earlier project called the Lifehaven Project.  It was designed to save a large enough portion of humanity for it to reestablish a society after some Apocalyptic disaster.

Recently the most popular posts have been Health related. My posts are always based on personal experience, but they are things that obviously worked.

There are quite a few on various aspects of Happiness.

This last month I have worked incessantly on cleaning up the Louvre’s Mona Lisa for an upcoming life-size 3D Mona Lisa display here in Bend, Oregon.

At the very top of this blog, and on every post, is a list of years 2008 thru 2015 which has a one-line summary of that day’s best idea.

Of course my daily question is what is important to blog about today?