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Dictionary of New Epigrams


Nearly all of reality is forever unknowable to us, thus we must choose to be comfortable with the unknowns.

Living things are living because they and all their ancestors successfully adapted to the realities they existed within.

The present moment is now as fixed as is the past, and only the future moments can be modified.

Live with what has happened; you have no choice, and any changes you make will be in the future.

To exist is to adapt, but if one will not adapt, they will soon die and make room for others who will adapt.

To refuse to adapt is willingly choosing to ossify and die.

Adapt or die—it’s the law.

Reality is our friend.

We should love reality, and train ourselves to obey, and adapt to it.

To choose to accept things as things are and look at them carefully, reveals the options of what may and may not be done.

You may command nature, but only in those ways it is able to obey.

Life is inevitably risky, but if the reward is worth the risk and you can survive even if you lose, then take the risk, and work to make it happen.

Position yourself so all the necessities of all adaptations support you.