After a few days of somber thoughts and some spectacular fireworks over my home, I had several delightful conversations today. Perhaps it is appropriate that some of those conversations were about friends’ problems and not my own, but those problems led to some deep and subtle conversations. There had been some complicated and ugly social happenings, marginally criminal assaults, that could be analyzed and appropriate strategies for coping with them discussed.

And so we did, and I am a wiser and thus a better person because of the sufferings of my friends. Fortunately, their problems didn’t end in any tragedy, as they might have, but it did bring into clear focus the need for coping with emotionally underdeveloped and psychologically sick people. Even here in beautiful and friendly Bend there are some ugly and nasty people.

What to do?

This gives me some motivation to continue thinking and blogging and trying to find ways for all of us to live better lives. — Thank you •