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Dictionary of New Epigrams


The species thrives that is able to consume the most energy in the environment.

The individual of a species that best fits the needs of the moment is the one that prospers most in that moment.

The brain is an organ that helps its holder to adapt to its environment.

Small brains are very quick to do what they are capable of doing, but big brains are slower and must analyze the situation before acting.

A human has some ability to foresee what is needed and prepare for that moment.

A human with wisdom has the ability to avoid problems and find solutions.

The growing edge of evolution is human wisdom.

Evolution is a sloppy procedure, but look around and what you now see is what works.

The evolution of knowledge is toward a wisdom of functional actions.

In changing situations evolution works as an adaptation to the change.

In long periods of unchanging environments evolution librates about what works.

Those who reject their own evolution will be rejected by evolution.

Ignorance is okay; everyone is ignorant of almost everything that is known by people, but stupidity isn’t okay, because it is rejecting what one should seek to know.

Humans have a capacity for morality, but it is like language in that it must be learned early, and if it isn’t learned the individual is motivated only by self-interest.

Darwin’s theories of evolution still thrive because they work, but Freud’s and Marx’s theories no longer thrive because they were tested and failed.

Evolution is always responding to what is impinging on the organism, but with a mind we can foresee cause and effect and adapt our behavior before the world impinges upon us.

The greatest spiritual quest is to have a pure relationship with reality.

The only disproof of evolution is if evolution stops working.

If you are sane and well-educated and don’t believe in evolution you are not sane and well-educated.

The natural struggle for food and survival places deadly demands on an organism, but the struggle for reproduction places deadly consequences on its offspring.

Religion provides us with reasons for not asking the right questions.

Evolution of your thinking gives you the chance to become a better person.

Some of your children will thrive better than others, and they are the ones most likely to reproduce.

Evolution isn’t a belief, it’s an observable fact.