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Dictionary of New Epigrams


Can we can upgrade the Zen saying, about chopping wood and carrying water? Sometimes chopping wood and carrying water is part of life, because that is what needs to be done at the moment. Sometimes even the Prophet needs to chop wood and carry water.

There are many tasks that can be explored, compelled, shown off, taught,  demonstrated, revealed, and enlightened.

Enlightenment is a momentary flash of understanding, and a great number of these flashes well-contemplated can bring increasing wisdom.

Anyone who is paying close attention to what’s happening must experience a multitude of enlightenments every day.

Converting well-considered enlightenments into functioning habits propels one along the paths of wisdom.

If you are content you are enlightened enough and won’t feel the need to go further.

There is no need to own light bulbs if you don’t have access to electricity.

To be enlightened is to see what needs to be done, wisdom knows the way to get it done, and vital energy is needed to do it. We need to cultivate them all.

There is a time and place for every action, and some of them require forethought, ability and practice to do it right.

The sage said, “All is vanity.” Okay, so be it. Choose to live it to the full.

Sometimes it’s time to laugh, sometimes to cry, but it is always time to live in the moment.

Live, participate, let go.