The world is a much better place for human beings than at any time in human history. The illustrations below are of the terrible things that humans have endured. Why are Americans so upset about the current situation?

Human life expectancy

Total life expectancy for humans has gone from 30 to 80+ years.

Source Health food science

Log chart of historical war deaths

A history of major war deaths shown on a logarithmic chart.


Since WWII, which ended in 1945, and Mao’s Cultural Revolution ending about 1976, war deaths have been below the green line, 0.1% of world population. The current worst case is in Syria with 300 to 500 thousand deaths. As horrible as that number is it would only get onto the bottom line of the chart above the numeral 2000, and note the chart is logarithmic. Chinggis Khan killed over 10% of all humans, and he didn’t know of America and didn’t enter Africa or India.

Some clearly better things that have come into our world since 1900: greatly improved cars, airplanes, powered ships, vaccinations, sanitation, movies, TV, computers, web, information, Wikipedia, cell phones, antibiotics, anesthetics, surgery, disaster prediction and response, plastic, understanding, and acceptance of testable reality.

Perhaps the greatest bounty we presently have is access to healthy food. We now have about ten times as much food as we did in 1800, and a vastly greater variety to choose from.

All of these bounties have a downside. Even the greater life expectancy means more stress on the natural resources provided by the Earth. But my point is that at present humanity is for the moment living better than ever, and it appears that trend will continue for several more years. The current angst of the American public has been generated by unrealistic expectations for things to be perfect. Unfortunately, we live in a real world where nothing is perfect in human terms.

You presently have the opportunity to live a wonderful life. Don’t waste it by wallowing in the despair that is being generated by the media.