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I’ve been attending writing workshops lately. It’s fun hearing what people come up with after a prompt. Most of the people involved get deeper into their own mind than when we are talking directly to one another. Perhaps it’s because they aren’t being interrupted, or because one is just talking to oneself. The others usually get into people things, but today I got into abstractions, and that was no exception.

It appears to be a law of the Universe that “There is never enough!” Of course it all began with the Big Bang and the Universe has been expanding ever since, getting bigger and bigger. Apparently even out at the very edge of it all even space and time are being created … but where is that expanding into? Or what? Or does that question even make sense?

This whole thing is something beyond our usual concepts of empty! Beyond mere void! Beyond blank. Perhaps we could call it the void of voids, or infinite void, but that is just multiplying zero by infinity, and people don’t like that! I don’t like it!

Probably we should create a new word for this new concept … a short simple word like “blank”. That is easy to pronounce in all languages that I’m aware of, … but it would be a word that is defined as reaching beyond an emptiness, beyond a mere hole in a board. The patent people refuse to permit calling a hole a hole, and require that you define the material around the hole.

But the emptiness I’m thinking about is way out beyond the galaxies, a location so far out into deep space there is not a single atom in a cubic mile of space. No, not even that emptiness is enough because there is still time and space and gravity, and the potential for something to be there. And if there is the potential then there might soon be something, and the something evolving into stars, and the planets, and life, and people, and us … sitting here wondering if Charles has finally stepped on the banana, fallen and knocked the last driblet of sense out of his obviously empty head.

Just missing one more bit of blankness and we’ll all be free of this senseless blank!

Perhaps it’s appropriate to quote the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior, the grandmaster of stretching his name out into the void. Perhaps not.

“Free at last, free at last, Oh, Thank God, we are free at last!