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It was early evening and Debbie and I hurried to the Bend First Friday Art Walk and had a good time, as always.

Charles Scamahorn in pursuit of art.

I didn’t feel quite this fierce when in the pursuit of art.

A man viewing art.

This was one of the treats that I saw in the Franklin Crossing building.

Paintings by DL Watson. More may be seen at www.dlwatsonart.com

A dangerous snag in my previous progress.

Here is the landing pad where I tripped and fell last month, after snagging my shoe on the door jamb. Note the red warning strip.

Looney Bean yard.

I often sit out in these chairs in the morning with my buddies overlooking the Deschutes River’s Mirror Pond.

As the Ainu say after a great day: We lived and lived and nothing happened.