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Everywhere I go it appears that everyone is centered on themselves, and presidential candidate Donald Trump is the worst. Everything these days seems to be about The Donald! As the head of CBS said to his stockholders, Trump would be terrible for America, and the World, but he’s great for CBS. Whenever he’s on screen millions are tuning in to see who he is slandering. I find it disgusting and a real threat to the security of humanity, because he is a person who clearly takes pleasure in making other people suffer. On Michael Stone’s 22 point scale of homicidal killers studied Trump would rate as the absolute worst! That is, someone who enjoys torturing his victims before he kills them. Watch Trump’s TV show and hear the glee in his voice when he tells his victims – “You’re fired !!!” Granted he doesn’t murder them … but the emotional tone is the same, and he is the last man in the world who should have access to the Bombs.

What could be the reason so many people find a vicious self-adulating showman attractive, other than that his viewers see him as a glorious personification of what they want to be themselves? Does that high a percentage of Americans really feel that angry at a world that gives them almost free food and shelter? Back when our founding fathers were creating our country over ninety percent of people were farmers, and that means farming the land with their own hand labor and their personally owned animal power to create the food they ate. These days only a few percentage of Americans are farmers, and the rest of the work goes into creating what our founding fathers would have considered luxury items. To those people eight hours per day of free entertainment for the whole population would have seemed absolutely impossible. Back at my earliest recollections from the late 1930s, there was a common saying that, “Man works from dawn to dusk, woman’s work is never done.”  And, that’s the way it was with my family and even me as a child. Nowadays these modern entertainment junkies complain of not having enough, … enough what? They are among the one percent of the most blessed people of the one-hundred billion people who have ever lived, and they resent not having their own private jet.

People look at their billion heir, and identify with him, and ask why don’t I now have what he promises now.