Here is the famous painting of Mona Lisa restored to a resolution where you can clearly see her eyes. I have removed five hundred years of aging, which required some artistic licence where things were obscured, but I believe what Leonardo da Vinci  intended with this painting is what you can now see here.

Mona Lisa in Paris, France

Detail of the Louvre Museum’s painting of Mona Lisa, by da Vinci

To get the most vivid optical illusion of her eyes coming to life, hold your finger in the gap in the mountains to the right side and wait for about five seconds, until it is clear that she is looking at your finger. Shift your vision from one of her eyes to the other a couple of times, as that convinces your mind that she is truly looking at your finger.

Now, move your finger to the center of her face and notice that she is still looking at your finger. Obviously this is an optical illusion, because her eyes haven’t moved for five hundred years, so just to be sure move your finger back and forth between the two positions a few times. I get the willies if I have been looking at one eye for a while and then take my finger away and look at her other eye. She’s looking through me, and knows my secrets.

Mona Lisa knows your secrets too!

Click the picture for a bigger image so you can see her eyes more clearly.