January 2009

1 January 2009 – Who is important now who will be significant in 500 years?

2 January 2009 – Probaway’s Person of the Year – Jimmy Wales

3 January 2009 – Oceans of wind power are available for humanity’s use.

4 January 2009 – Is Blu-ray dead? Yes and here’s why.

5 January 2009 – How to revive cold-dead people by warming their heart before anything else.

6 January 2009 – Preventing frostbite, finger and toe loss with aspirin, is yet another reason to always carry your aspirin with you wherever you go.

7 January 2009 – The Mayan calendar date will come and go and the best advice seems to be –  Live your life, help other people and enjoy the spectacle.

8 January 2009 – So far I am very happy with this Samsung TL34HD and consider it a worthwhile upgrade on my old Casio EX-Z1000.

9 January 2009 – We may soon see The One and it will be us. We are becoming UNITY.

10 January 2009 – Aircraft presently being used for forest fire suppression could be adapted for this purpose. Start metaseeding now for a better future next year.

11 January 2009 – “You can’t cure stupid!” especially Detroit-stupid.

12 January 2009 – Use no more water than you can obtain sustainably.

13 January 2009 – When everyone feels being part of humanity is more important than their loyalty to a part of it we might find a way into a sustainable future.

14 January 2009 – Today the term EarthArk was sent to California’s Secretary of State to the Name Availability Unit to request if it had been already used.

15 January 2009 – By cultivating the habit of responding with a “YES AND” your conversation becomes one of generating enthusiasm and exploring new ideas.

16 January 2009 – To get the best possible service from a person or a bureaucracy schedule your appointment for 8:30 am on Tuesday morning.

17 January 2009 – Would it be possible to put radar reflective tags in wild geese’s food so they could be easily spotted on the airport and airplane radars? 

18 January 2009 – Proba way back in 1994 wrote you didn’t need a disease to get the benefits from a fever. Raising a cancer victim’s temperature to 103°F+ kills some cancers.

19 January 2009 – Mars rocks on the cheap. Man on Mars? No need. It’s vastly cheaper to recover extraterrestrial rocks from Antarctic snowfields.

20 January 2009 – If you don’t go viral and become famous you and your ideas don’t exist.

21 January 2009 – “The truth is out there!”—If only you know how to see it. “The truth is written all over our faces”. Paul Eckman – Lie To Me – TV

22 January 2009 – Raising one’s body temperature to a mild fever occasionally may be a life prolonging procedure.

23 January 2009 – Every person should have a means for providing for the public welfare.

24 January 2009 – There are sites aimed at extraterrestrial backup of humanity but these are way beyond humanity’s abilities and would be dependent on a livable earth to sustain it.

25 January 2009 – The date is January, 25, 3009 CE and it has been a thousand years since what is known as The Doomsday Events had nearly ended life on Earth.

26 January 2009 – The Air Force no doubt recovered from my departure, but I never did and have been plagued with thoughts of humanity destroying itself ever since.

27 January 2009 – Where are the coldest places in Antarctica? When considering putting some seeds into cold storage for a thousand years, the consistently colder the better.

28 January 2009 – After a couple of billion years of evolution those things which  worked best in the short run are the ones that have been retained as near their optimum operating conditions as possible.

29 January 2009 –If we look at fifty years into the future, would be: California’s future—unsustainable growth and certain catastrophe!

30 January 2009 – Economic value and physical comfort by fully insulating their homes and then installing these passive reflective parabolic reflector gas refrigeration units.

31 January 2009 – My compound swamp cooler air conditioner could be built which would supply a cool dry air supply from a hot dry sunlit location.