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Here are some generalizations on how to get treated better when dealing with organizations such as hospitals, hotels, stores, garages, restaurants and people in general. Set up your voluntary appointments with them early in the day and early in the week and avoid late afternoons, Fridays and weekends. The reasons for the better services are straightforward—early in the week the staff is refreshed and more attentive to their tasks and on late afternoons and Fridays they just want to get you through the system and out the door.

The same general rule is applicable on what time of day to schedule your meeting. The best time is about a half-hour after start of the work day because that is when the personnel are still fresh but have had a chance to settle down to their routine.

Another factor which affects the quality of your treatment is the status of the people treating you. The most competent people will have higher status within the organization and will have more choice of the time they will be working and they will choose the better times to do their work shift. Generally speaking the choice working times are 9 to 5, Monday through Friday.  The most competent people will be working at those choice times of the day and they will take their vacations on normal holidays. That obviously being the case the beginning staff with less experience, or other status problems, will be given the undesirable times for their work day and be required to work on weekends and during vacations. Thus, the night, weekend and vacation work times will be staffed by the relatively low status and inexperienced people.

Another factor affecting performance would be that weekends are the times when there is a greater demand for emergency services so the personnel will be more frequently distracted from your problems. The off-hour problems will tend to be less routine and be more difficult to deal with and thus distract your service provider from your needs

Set up your interactions in such a way that you will be finishing your appointment at some time other than just before their lunch time or quitting time. There are at several reasons for this: the people are tired and therefore less attentive, they want to go to lunch or home and they are more likely to be distracted by what they are planning to be doing after work. Another problem with having appointments late in the day is that there were complications which came before you arrived (there are always complications) which delayed them attending to you. Therefore, the late in the work-day appointment will follow all of their day’s complications so they will be irritable and hurry through your appointment as quickly as possible and give you substandard service.

The busiest time for most bureaucracies such as hospitals is 10 am so it is a good idea to schedule your appointment well before that rush hour.

To get the best possible service from a person or a bureaucracy schedule your appointment for 8:30 am on Tuesday morning.