I have been reading Richard Jefferies (1848 – 1887) The Story of My Heart today on The Gutenburg Project web site. He is a bit over colorful with too much purple prose for modern taste but I like his world view. I have been searching for one which is amenable to a nature based religion which would give ultimate meaning to life without having to resort to unprovable assertions requiring blind faith. The currently popular book Good Without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People Do Believe by Greg M. Epstine as reported in the Washington Post is too flat in tone to be really popular even though the title claims a sixth of the world already believes this world view.

Jefferies has a high toned afflatus: Give me fullness of life like to the sea and the sun; give me fullness of physical life, mind equal and beyond their fullness; give me a greatness and perfection of soul higher than all things; give me my inexpressible desire. (Chapter VI)

In my abundant world of New Adventure in the year 7000 CE there will be abundance: The world works only for today, as the world worked twelve thousand years ago, and our children’s children will still have to toil and slave for the bare necessities of life. (Chapter X)

When technology is high and population is low there will be abundance of necessities and plenty of leisure: I hope succeeding generations will be able to be idle. I hope that nine-tenths of their time will be leisure time; that they may enjoy their days, and the earth, and the beauty of this beautiful world; that they may rest by the sea and dream; that they may dance and sing, and eat and drink. (Chapter XI)

My hope is expressed in the post: Contentment is yours because the Universe is you.