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Darwin Awards appear to me to be coming humanity’s way so it seemed appropriate for me, representing The Earthark Project, to go pick up one of these iconic symbols from the source, Wendy Northcutt, author of The Darwin Awards. The Earthark Project is the attempt to make it possible to restore the Earth and Humanity after humans have carried their current destructive tendencies to the obvious conclusion. In fact humanity does not deserve a Darwin Award just yet, because it isn’t dead just yet. However, it is rather like the guy who jumps out of an airplane without attaching his parachute to himself—he is obviously in free-fall because of his own stupidity but hasn’t had the abrupt stop at the bottom just yet.

Charles Scamahorn of Earthark getting a Darwin Award sticker from Wendy Northcutt

Charles Scamahorn of Earthark getting a Darwin Award from Wendy Northcutt

Okay so I look a little freaky, what with the crazy expression and the weird symbols floating about but in this peculiar situation perhaps it was appropriate. Wendy had just given her presentation about the Darwin Awards and how to get one, to an audience of I-House residents here in Berkeley, CA. We chatted for a while and the sponsor of the event took this picture.

The requirements to get a Darwin Award: Nominee must be dead or rendered sterile, Astoundingly stupid judgment, Cause of one’s own demise, Capable of sound judgment, The event must be verified.

Well, Okay humanity hasn’t fulfilled the requirements just yet but for starters consider:

“You can’t cure stupid!” especially Detroit-stupid.

Doomsday and what you can do now.

Robert Furman, a pivotal person in the atom bombings.

Humanity is on a collision course with the obvious.

The Doomsday count-down clock replaced with a count-up clock.

The Doomsday Clock is past Midnight and still running

The Doomsday Clock is past Midnight and still ticking