I worked a lot on my 100 Top Museums blog today but it is taking a lot longer to do than the UNESCO – World Heritage List and probably won’t even be done tomorrow. Also, there are several other things I have been thinking about writing up which are going to be too big to do properly in one day. Revealing  Jack the Ripper’s identity, for example, will take some time because it should be done right. I am thinking of giving only a few of the proofs on the first go around. It will probably be best to give only a few unchallengeable proofs and let those sink into the Ripperologists minds before overwhelming them with an absolute blizzard of facts. Too many facts will just seem like a snow job and I have collected a lot of pertinent facts in 20 years of study on this subject. I want to work out a chart for emotional intelligence and emotional development which would be rather like the Happiness Scale but that will be a major creative effort and not just drudge work like these lists of what other people think is valuable. That is important of course. Creating the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list gave me a new feeling for what people actually value. Doing the 100 Top Museums seems to be percolating up some other thoughts.

Back to the drudge.