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My really nice Viewsonic 2024-resolution monitor gave up the ghost today in a cloud
of acrid smoke. This was an older CRT type monitor but it had the best picture I have ever seen on a screen—richer colors, better detail in the blacks, while having decent detail in the whites. This was probably a better picture than I will ever have again.
Today was a rather tiring trip out to Fry’s Computer store to look at and try and choose a new monitor, which in the end was a Viewsonic VX2835WM. To my eye it was the best of a large number of monitors and it was also the most expensive but the price isn’t really too much of a consideration for something I will be probably be spending many of my waking hours looking at for many years.
Installing a monitor should be a five minute operation after cleaning up after the mess left under and behind the old one but it wasn’t because one critical part was missing from the sack of parts that came with the monitor. My fault, silly me, I accepted a used floor model to save a few bucks (but which had the virtue that I had actually seen it in operation) but when I got home I found the connector cords didn’t match my computer. They gave me a DVI to DVI cable when it turned out I needed HDMI to DVI cable. That is a tiny mistake and easy to make but it means another total round trip for me. Worse for me is that I feel too tired and grumpy to work on this blog so the thing which is more important to me than flopping around a commercial store, writing my blog, is getting short shrift.