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Sometimes a simple discovery comes as a real shock. After dinner tonight I had one. It has been said and proven, by the chocolate industry’s scientists, that an ounce of chocolate per day lowers blood pressure without causing a weight gain.  Dr. Dean Adell reports on a study done by the American Journal of Public Health on 75,000 people which covered all of the diet not just chocolate.

In any case our little family has been eating some 70% cacao chocolate along with our vitamins and pills for desert for the past couple of years. Tonight it was a rather expensive high end chocolate from Trader Joe’s called World Classics Trading company, 69% Chocolate Obsession, Swiss dark chocolate with cocoa nibs. I had eaten one 10 gram square and had noticed, as usual with chocolate, that the flavor didn’t really kick in until the chocolate reached body temperature at the back of my mouth and the vapors were rising into my nose. It takes about 15 to 30 seconds before the flavor sensations reaches thier peak.

This time before eating a second 10 gram piece of chocolate I had a bite of fresh banana and it tasted great. I had expected this second piece of chocolate to taste as good as the first one, perhaps even better as it was being mixed with the banana. But on close observation as I ate it, it became apparent that it didn’t taste better. The more closely I observed the more I realized this second piece had no taste at all. That’s right—no taste at all. Even after I made a point of holding the chocolate in my mouth for a long time, about a minute, there wasn’t that great chocolate taste but only a bitter one without the goodness. Also there wasn’t any of the good odor either.

It was shocking! I have been eating each of these things all my life and I had never noticed this effect before. Last year at a South Lake Tahoe cassino all you can eat dinner, I had eaten my deserts first. That totally grossed out my buddies. In fact I ate about ten deserts but in very small quantities so I estimate I had eaten a total of about two normal size deserts. By the end of that experiment I couldn’t tell the difference in taste between chocolate cake and blueberry pie. And yet a few minutes later the various salads tasted just great and uniquely individual. It wasn’t my taste buds that were dead or bleached out it was just the sugar based things. Or so I thought at the time.

But what I observed tonight were the unintentional results observed of eating a banana after a chocolate candy bar and then eating a bite of chocolate again. The total lack of flavor of the second bite of chocolate was totally unexpected. In this case there was little more than a single bite of either one so it wasn’t a problem of my taste buds being too tired out from excess to taste the chocolate. Something else was causing my taste buds to fail.

I like banana splits, although it has been a long time since eating one. It becomes a serious question now as to the order in which one should eat the various treats in one so as to get the maximum satisfaction. At the moment it seems that the banana should come last. I have observed that there is an order of eating food that maximizes pleasure but this one was a shock.