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The World Health Organization (WHO) and the media haven’t given anyone in the public a good clue on how they personally might best cope with the flu once they get it. And it gets uglier because they don’t even recommend going to the doctor unless you run a fever for three days, but then what? Your doctor gives you some Tamiflu pills. However, everyone who is informed about Tamiflu realizes it works well only in the first few days while the disease is just getting started. Tamiflu is acknowledged by all the authorities to be not effective after the disease is full blown. It is inexplicable why WHO recommends the misuse of one of the few tools at their disposal.

I have posted several things in the blogs listed below which should be common knowledge but which in fact are not even mentioned in the media. Things like what you should do to minimize your exposure and what to do when you know you have been exposed, what to do when you come down with the first flu symptoms and what to do when your family member has the flu. There should be a published set of procedures which are widely publicized by WHO for each of the common situations. What little they do recommend is less potent than Medieval grandmothers would have suggested. There might be something somewhere, but I haven’t found it. The following Google search ought to find something current when you read this, if there is anything: swine flu h1n1 treatment. That will give you a search as of your present moment in time. What I found on 2009/08/25 wasn’t helpful at all. Mostly just bla bla news information but not much of what you can do and should do when exposed to the flu. Okay, they recommend that you get your flu shot. Which I would highly recommend. That, of course, won’t be available to most people right away because the governments of the world, the same people making these recommendations, were slow to order the vaccines and antivirals. Also, there won’t be much Tamiflu available as the governments didn’t order much of that either. How can we trust them to give good advice when they have been so remiss in their previous behavior? Because of their poor performance every person on Earth is at greater risk than they should be of dying from the flu.

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It would seem obvious that you carry a good flu mask and start wearing it when out in public as soon as you see anyone with flu symptoms in your environment. Buy some Tamiflu if you can and store it in a cool place and at the first sign of a flu start taking them. Consider the hot bath treatments described in Cure The Common Cold Using Voluntary 102° F Fevers which in the past I have found works well for previous flus. However, that technique may only work for flus to which you have been previously exposed because it alerts the body’s flu fighting system. I can’t know what will happen with the new flu because there is absolutely no research on this technique relative to the new H1N1 flu. However, if the bath stimulates the immune system it is reasonable that it would be helpful.

The Internet can be very helpful with this type of research because if you use some technique and it works it could be communicated to everyone else rather quickly. That benefit comes only if your suggestion can be found in the blizzard of non-information being promoted.