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Lie To Me is the first TV show since The Dog Whisperer where you can actually learn something useful for application in your everyday life when relating with people. Lie to me is a training program for spotting people’s emotions. It shows you how to spot various telltale markers and after the markers are identified it gives examples of how you can analyze what happened. It becomes a bit of thoughtful detective work to find out what motivated those emotions and their visible markers and see why these particular markers appeared in the person’s behavior.

The TV show is based on the work of Paul Ekman, whom I have met and blogged about several times. 1. Emotional Awareness: by Paul Ekman & the Dalai Lama, 2. Paul Ekman on understanding emotions and detecting suicide bombers, 3. Bell’s palsy and how personal facial expressions affect one’s own emotion, 4 How to lie successfully using the Stanislavsky technique and 5Recent Top 10 actors and best scenes.

If Paul Ekman had appeared on TIME magazine’s list of 207 potential candidates for their Person of the Year which I blogged about under the title, Probaway’s Person of the Year – Jimmy Wales, I would have listed him as one of my candidates for being a remembered person 500 years into the future. His work is very relevant today and it will remain relevant for helping people to understand other people and thus to interact with them in a better way. He will be remembered long after the currently popular psychologists, including the long time favorite Sigmund Freud, whom very few people read anymore, are forgotten.

This show is about a TV detective, a catch the bad guy drama, with a sort of FBI like Profilers twist but with this difference—it contains useful information and techniques which you can use in your everyday life.

The names of the characters use the rather lame author’s technique of having the character’s name have some esoteric relevance to the character. In this case the lead character is Dr. Cal Lightman playing the ethically questionable “UC Berkeley professor,” the Cal man of enlightenment. (UC Berkeley is known locally as Cal.)

Here is a strange aside: Few people, even in Berkeley, know about the rather inverted relationship of this university has with the concept enlightenment.

FIAT LUX in reverse with a pentacle at the Berkeley, Campanille

The Berkeley, Campanile with FIAT LUX reversed and a Pentacle.

Here is the universities symbol Fiat Lux ( Let there be light. ) written backwards with the Luciferic pentagram star. (The photo is not reversed.) This particular symbol is located at the base of the most prominent landmark on the Berkeley campus, the bell tower called The Campanile. If you lie on your back on its north side and look straight up you will see the pentagram star.

Looking up at honest Abe Lincoln on the opposite side.

The Berkeley "Campanile" bell tower with honest Abe Lincoln

If you go to the south side and look straight up, you will see the face of Abraham Lincoln.  There we saw the reversed truth, FIAT LUX and here we see Truth-Personified in the face of Honest Abe.

This new TV show, Lie To Me, explores facial expressions and body gestures, what they conceal and and most importantly what they reveal.

The truth is out there!”—If only you know how to see it.

“The truth is written all over our faces”.