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Field Guide to the Apocalypse: Movie Survival Skills for the End of the World by Meghann Marco is a lighthearted romp through the unthinkable using a batch of Hollywood nonsense for the vehicle. The book itself has quite a bit of good information mixed in with the foolishness but unless you know which is which it is easy to be lead astray. Because I am trying to be thorough with my reading of various Doomsday literature it was necessary to read this book and it does have one real advantage in that it covers at least briefly a lot of movies I haven’t seen and don’t plan to see that touch on the subject of survival after the Doomsday events. However, the best Doomsday movies were already reviewed in my blog, The Doomsday Trilogy Dr Strangelove, On The Beach and  Fail-Safe. This book dealt somewhat more with the after effects and how to survive them on a personal level. It was based rather thinly on basic survival manual skills for a pre-apocalypse world but calling them after the event skills which they were not particularly relevant. I did agree with one statement on page 174:

So you’re asking, Isn’t there anything we can do to prevent the apocalypse from happening in the first place? Sure, You’re not going to like it. Stop driving. Use public transportation. Buy a flexi-fuel car. Use biodiesel. Stop building things on farmland. Stop having so many fucking kids.

It was the “so many fucking kids” idea which was important but in 200 pages that single statement was all that caught my eye on this most important of all issues bringing on Doomsday and the Apocalypse. A lot of work went into creating this book and there are a lot of fun ideas explored but it isn’t very relevant to The Earthark Project.