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My mother’s father was Glen Maurice Eidemiller born 3Dec 1888 of W. Tippecanoe OH.

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I think that location was a mistake because he lived in Covington and his father is buried in Covington cemetery 40.1307 -84.3533 thus he was more probably born in Tipp City 39.9609 -84.1787

Glen Maurice Eidemiller and the 1909 Covington OH  (top #4 from left)

Glen Eidemiller and the 1906 Covington OH football team (top #4 from left)

1906 Covington, Ohio Football Team: Row 1 – Russell Minton, Bob Stolz. Row 2 – Albert Landis, Frank Black, Homer Wright, Roscoe Steele. Row 3 – Carol Flory, James Bartmess, Lester Faulkner. Top Row – Fred Holsinger, Lee Black, Joe Ullery, Glen Eidemiller, Neth Schilling. (40.1184, -84.3513)

This picture is from Buccsfootball.com and I attempted to clean it up a bit. This is the towns first team and the full uniform outfit with no padding or helmets. It was a bit dangerous to play and in their second game resulted in a broken leg. Their first game was against Tippecanoe, (39.9638, -84.1837) Glen’s home town, which is even now a small town and its difficult to imagine how they could get up a team of twelve players. After another injury the sport was abandoned for 37 years until 1947. By that year I had lived under my grandfather’s roof about half of my life- time of some twelve years and remember him and my grandmother still talking about Covington and Tipp city quite often. I was living with him when in 1941 I attended my first school at Homedale Idaho. It was a one room affair with a coat rack at the back and my aunt Millie at the front trying to teach first, second and third grades simultaneously. That may have been particularly difficult task with me as I had started a year early. I liked to talk a lot apparently and she spent the first several days trying to convince me that in the classroom I had to raise my hand before I could speak. “But, Millie—I do have my hand up!”

Googling Glen Eidemiller also got me his brother’s from a WWI draft registration

Eidemiller, Everett Edward 23 Feb 1882 W Canyon ID
Eidemiller, Glen Maurice 3 Dec 1888 W Tippecanoe OH Canyon ID
Eidemiller, Harold John 8 May 1896 W Tippecanoe OH Canyon ID
Eidemiller, Orville P. 26 Apr 1885 W Canyon ID

i. JOHANN NICOLAUS10 EUTEMULLER (Source: Lutheran Church Records in Brensbach, Germany.), b. August 30, 1823, Germany; d. November 10, 1823, Germany.
16. ii. JOHN EIDEMILLER, b. September 4, 1825, Brensbach, Oldenwald, Hessen Darmstedt, Germany; d. March 21, 1892, Tippecanoe City, Miami County, OH.
17. iii. GEORG WILHELM EIDEMILLER, b. December 8, 1827, Darmstadt, Germany; d. January 26, 1894, Tippecanoe City, Miami County, OH.
18. iv. JOHANN MARTIN EIDEMILLER, b. December 8, 1829, Brensbach, im Odenwald, Hessen Darmstadt, Germany; d. September 15, 1899, Tippecanoe City, OH.
19. v. MARY ELIZABETH EIDEMILLER, b. May 26, 1832, Tippecanoe City, OH; d. September 28, 1894, Miami County, OH.
20. vi. ELIZABETH EIDEMILLER, b. March 10, 1834, OH; d. August 17, 1882.
21. vii. HENRY EIDEMILLER, b. February 28, 1837, Maryland; d. September 16, 1905, Ginghamsburg, Miami County, OH.
22. viii. MARIAH JANE EIDEMILLER, b. June 18, 1839, Maimi Co., OH; d. July 6, 1917, Tipp City, OH.
Many of these people I knew and they are now buried in the Wilder Idaho cemetery. They were of my grandparents time but when I was a child they all lived close by and there were many group gatherings.

EIDEMILLER Estalla M 1860 1939
EIDEMILLER John L 1912 1942
EIDEMILLER James R May 16 1920 June 26 1968
EIDEMILLER Odessa 1923 1997
EIDEMILLER Robert  W. June 7, 1909 June 4, 1978
EIDEMILLER Pearl  M. Sept. 28, 1910  July 18, 2004
EIDERMILLER Albert J 1923 1978
EIDMILLER Ruth M  Sept 2 1920


Eidemiller, Estella 1860-1934 WL
Eidemiller, James R Sr 1920-2000 WL
Eidemiller, John Leslie 1912-1948 WL
Eidemiller, Linnie Alice Jay 1880-1955 WL
Eidemiller, Orville P 1885-1958 WL
Eidemiller, Pearl M 1910-2004 WL
Eidemiller, Raymond 1880-1968 WL
Eidemiller, Robert W 1909-1978 WL
Eidemiller, Ruth M 1920-2000 WL


Found some stuff at Glen’s ancestors at : Geneology.com


Glen Maurice Eidemiller and Bertha Aspinall, children are:

Forest Earl Eidemiller
William Charles (Bill) Eidemiller
Irene Eidemiller
Mary Estella Eidemiller, (George Fredrick Scamahorn)(Homer Johnson)
Elizabeth (Bib)
Glen Maurice, Junior

Buchanan, A.E. – Personal letters to A.E. Buchanan from
Ted Jones in Shelby; Montana,
Glenn Eidemiller in Wilder, Idaho;
W.F. Fulker in Colorado Springs, Colorado;
and a friend in Pomona, California whose name is not readable.
The Ted Jones letters are dated from 1932-1943.
The other letters are dated 1931-1933.
These letters provide an excellent picture of life in the
depression and early World War II.


Mt. Jefferson Memorial Park E-H (+44.6460,-121.1082)

These people were my family

EIDEMILLER Bertha L. Aspinwall 1971
EIDEMILLER Charles W. 1973
EIDEMILLER Dorothy Dean Ferrell 1986
EIDEMILLER Fern Eva 1983
EIDEMILLER Forrest Earl 1976
EIDEMILLER Glenn Maurice 1972
EIDEMILLER Harold John 1968
EIDEMILLER Helen Louise Ross 1983
EIDEMILLER Marjorie May Ward 1969