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Lake Tahoe was weather was perfect when I departed at noon and since I am now an old fart I drove at the speed limit most of the time back to Berkeley. Driving the speed limit on a two lane highway, is a new experience for me and it means a tail of faster cars soon develops. Highway 50 is over Echo Summit at an elevation of 7,382 ft. (2,250 m.) (See it on street view option at Google Earth 38.8137 -120.0329.) It is a beautiful two lane highway with passing lanes every few miles which I use so the testosterone driven people who want to go much faster than my legal speed can do so. But on such a beautiful day I just enjoyed the drive. My companion on this trip was a self proclaimed Brooklyn city-boy so the high mountains and tamarack forests were of no interest to him and he dozzed off, but I was in a fantasy land of enchantment. Behind every tree was a Hansel or a Gretel or a Darth Vader. And there were lots of very dark and very deep forests.

As we descended towards Sacramento the temperature climbed to 100° F. After a week of perfect alpine weather at Tahoe and with my body previously long adapted to very cool ocean breezes, in Berkeley, that was difficult climate to cope with. So, having a natural inclination to solve problems rather than endure them I brought out my windshield cleaner bottle that was filled with fresh water and began spraying myself with mist. It worked great! While I drove I sprayed the top of my head, face hands chest and thighs. With the windows open the hot breeze blowing over my wet body the wet places actually felt cold to the touch. I knew it was still hot out side because when I held my hand out the window it dried off quickly in the fast flowing air actually felt hot.

When we finally got to sea level Berkeley, it was much cooler. As we neared the University of California campus I commented, that we must be entering a poverty stricken part of town because the girls were so poor the were only half dressed. Some had hardly any pants on at all and others had shirts that were only half there with the top half totally missing. Poverty strikes different people in different ways. Some of these half naked college girls must have been very poor indeed because they were not only nearly naked but were looking rather only half-fed and thin. Still, they appeared quite healthy and were bouncing along with considerable exuberance.

I was cooling myself with sprayed water but these coeds were cooling themselves by taking off their clothes. Well, I guess you have to go with what ever makes you feel COOL.