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The clues which I have been giving so far as to the true identity of Jack the Ripper are intended to be unchallengeable facts, each one of which leads directly to one and only one person… if only you know how to read the clues. Once the name of this person is revealed it is relatively easy to show the links to this particular person from each of the seemingly general clues so far presented. All of these clues are already stated within the Wikipedia article on Jack the Ripper but I have tried to state these clues in a rather more brittle and confining language because I want the clues to be unchallengeable. Thus something like the picture of “A Suspicious Character” at the top of the Wikipedia article has a proven provenance and it is not something which any Ripperologist will challenge at this time. I don’t want them challenging it later saying it is something I made up to fit my theory. I intend that there will be nothing in the final revelation which is not easily verified from preexisting and easily verified sources in old print and on the current internet.

Who in the world could and would commit the evil acts which Jack the Ripper committed? The only possible answer is a consummate doer of evil. How can one claim otherwise? This man reveled in evil deeds and is famous for it and for making the evil of the deeds interesting to the public. In this case he was so evil that he chose women for his attacks that had done very little that was criminal or even more than slightly immoral. What they were only accused of doing was a normal social act between consenting adults and even this accusation of sex for money was mostly innuendo and not proven fact. The very worst that was even claimed against any of the victims was that they were prostitutes and at that time the Wikipedia article states there were about 1,200 prostitutes in that part of London alone. A first conviction for suspected prostitution at that time would probably have gotten little more than a warning from a judge. Thus Jack’s taking the law and the punishment into his own hands in such an extreme way was for other reasons.

Why should Jack have brought about these exotic attacks? The reasons are pretty obvious: he wanted to be famous and he was willing to take real risks to gain that fame. He wanted to gain personal fame for the murders but he didn’t want to be identified just yet or he would be hung. He wanted his personal name to be revealed long after he had died when the fame associated with his personal name might be fading. He wanted to commit the perfect crime, to make the crime famous and to have his personal name associated with that perfect crime to expand and retain his fame. He wanted to be famous not just for a few weeks but for his entire lifetime, long beyond that and even into an after life. He wanted to reveal his name a long time after he had died a normal physical death in old age so that the getting away with murders for such a long time would enhance his reputation and fame even more. Jack the Ripper is screaming his name at YOU and I! and even though he is now long physically dead and lying peacefully in his grave he wanted you to know who he was and to revere him even more than you already do. And you soon will ! ! ! But I must warn you it will be a bit emotionally upsetting to some people.

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