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Today was a garden party where I met with lots of old friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in many years. We all talked a lot but I probably talked the most, almost continuously because I enjoy talking, and talking about the things I have been blogging about this last year.

Among the things which I haven’t mentioned on the blogs has been the fractal pictures which were created on this computer a couple of years ago, before I started blogging. They have been sitting on a shelf in the form of 4 x 6 prints and last Friday I shoved a bunch of them into my jacket pocket to show to some of my painter friends at the Med. They were still there today so I showed them to some of my photographer friends at this party and then some other folks and later as it turned out, unbeknownst to me, to an art gallery owner. He really liked what he saw and offered me a wall if I would make them into gallery sized prints. That will be really easy to do if I can find the original files.

I created these images for my own entertainment and will continue to show them only so long as it is entertaining to me. About 1970 I got fed up with the art scene after my pictures kept getting stolen right off of display walls. The Oakland Art Museum still has about six of my prints, or one of their employees, I don’t know they just disappeared. When I went to pick them up they were on their office walls and whoever it was I was talking to asked to keep them for a while and that was the last I ever saw them. I might not even recognize them after so many years. I had a similar experience with The Art In Embassies Project where some of my photos were displayed world wide but vanished which  further turned me off. This was back in the days when a 16 x 20 color print cost me a substantail part of my income and so these were one of a kind prints. Take the best 20 prints away from any photographer and they will become rather lack luster. There were several other events, all of them bad. If this present experience goes bad I will just drop out again. It is not fun to be robbed.