What to do now? The eternal question which people usually have answered for them by the necessities of their life situation. Most of our efforts are made trying to satisfy some demand placed upon us because we have chosen to do something which in most cases could have been easily avoided. Most people find themselves in some sort of debt to other people usual monetary and so they have to work to have the money to pay off the debt which they voluntarily contracted. Servicing these self-imposed debts consumes quite a bit of people’s time and energy but then what to do with the remaining time? Unfortunately it appears that most go to the mall and find something else to buy and thus to incur more debt so they haven’t any time.

When they have even more freedom to behave as they wish and find real meaning to their life they, likely as not, get involved in some unresolvable political turmoil and if that fails there is always some religion to take away one’s time and excess money. This all gives grander meaning and structure to their otherwise out of control  and individually trivial life. 

All of this was a prologue to my continuing quest for a year 7000 world. Which comes with some special problems. I have been assuming that the Doomsday wars have come and gone and either the remnants of humanity has been reintroduced to uncivilized savagery or it has found answers to my two primal problems (1) how to stabilize population at some number which the Earth can support and (2) the extermination of the knowledge of Weapons of Extermination. Assuming that has been done, what will the people of Earth be doing with their time? Is a perfect world now possible?

5000 years in the future scientific questing will be over because everything that can be experimented upon will have given what ever answers can be found, that humans are capable of understanding. Technology will have been developed to the point whatever can be manufactured will be available to everyone. All knowledge that people need to know will be readily available and all of the needs of daily life will be easily fulfilled. World travel will be cheap and easy but without cheap fuel for jet airplanes a little slower than at present. But the need for travel will  be less demanding because almost everything will be experienced remotely on the supernet so there will be less need to travel.

What will be entertaining? Certainly everyone would get bored with the 5000th World Series, or 5000th Superbowl, or the 10 millionth variation on some musical theme or the billionth rerun of Seinfeld. So much of what we find engaging today is based on some sort of unexpected quality but after so very many repetitions even a very dull intelligence would get bored and want something more. What ever it is someone will find some way to provide it.

What could possible be the meaning of life for people who have all of their basic necessities and most of their whims readily fulfilled? Perhaps — it would simply be debauchery or some sort of gaming the system which would give people’s lives some continuing thrills. For example, this week the big news event is the nuvo-billionaire golfer, Tiger Woods was spending $20 thousand a day on sex partners.  All too frequently we are astonished by some well-known politicians having similar sex scandals or their talking ecology while personally jetting about to their twenty expensive houses sprinkled around the world. To me those activities are the craziness of sane people. It just doesn’t seem to satisfy a normal need, or does it? Perhaps that behavior is normal. I have never had unlimited access to these things and maybe I would like them and wouldn’t now be puzzling over them.

Maybe human beings are insatiable and no matter what they have they will want more. But that, it seems to me, is a slippry road into despair. People need a deeper meaning for their lives than screwing other people, don’t they? Perhaps helping other people is the most satisfying thing for people to spend the time and energy. Or perhaps not helping but competing with other people. I wonder if Tiger was having a more fulfilling life with his paid women than he was with his legitimate family.  Only he knows, but because he was willing leading a debauched life that would ruin his normal life perhaps it was what he wanted. He wanted it because it was better in some way. This has been reported to have been the life style of other rich and famous people. To me it seems empty. Arnold Scwartznegger, who has had access to unlimited power and money appears to be living a much more meaningful and satisfying life.

Back on our families peppermint farm where for several summers I worked personally distilling hundreds of gallons of pure peppermint oil there was a simple experiment one could easily perform. Take a stick, dip into some pure peppermint oil and sniff it. It smells wonderful. Now get it closer to your nose and sniff it and it is even better but it burns the sinus a bit. Get it closer and closer and it always smells better and better but there comes a time when the pain becomes so great you just can’t endure it and so you are forced to terminate the pleasure to avoid the pain. Evolution has had the time to balance some of  these pleasurable things for us but not debauchery — not yet.

Perhaps unlimited debauchery is the natural human condition.