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I will soon tell you unequivocally the identity of Jack the Ripper. He left a trail of clues including signed confessions if only you look in the right places in the right way.

On the Casebook.org site there are currently thirty one Jack the Ripper suspects. I am asking the Ripperologist community to claim any written confession to the murders signed by any of those potential killers using their own personal name. If there any I would like to be informed about those documents so that I might compare them to the documents which I will have shown you by the time I give you the exact name. The clues which I have mentioned in the previous blogs on this subject are intended to be unchallengeable facts. In a few weeks I will show you how to put these unchallengeable facts together into an unchallengeable pattern pointing to one person and one person only—the true Jack the Ripper. If there is anything challengeable about the following paragraph or the previous blogs, listed below, please let me know and I will attempt to rewrite the paragraph so that everything in it is absolutely obvious and publicly known.

Today I want to emphasize that Jack had a chameleon like personality. He was able to compartmentalize his thoughts and behavior and to present the personality which suited his purpose at the moment. Therefore he was a consummate actor as well as being a cold blooded killer and skilled butcher. London in late 1888 was in a state of panic about the previous murders and the helplessness of the police. Yet, even at this time when everyone, especially women at night, would be desperately cautious he had such highly developed acting abilities that he was able to lure women into a place where he could not only kill them but immediately butcher their dead bodies. It takes a very unusual person with unusual motives to do all of those things and do them well. One curious item was that not only did Jack do reasonably commendable surgery on these women who were living and laughing only a few short seconds before but he did it in the dark and very quickly because the patrol policeman was coming by any minute. Jack was a very talented man with morbid courage and abundant experience with swift killing and butchery. All of that is obvious but these are also obvious clues to his identity.

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