Jack the Ripper has been publicly identified but it seems that the pictures showing my favorite candidate for that title isn’t convincing if a person only looks at his picture and at the modern police drawing made from descriptions made at the time. The picture in the upper left is the modern drawing and the others are my cleaned up photographs taken from internet sources. Some of the originals are poor but my efforts are standard clean-up methods and an effort was made to show what the person really looked like.

Who looks the most like Jack the Ripper sketch?

These pictures do not have their names attached to them so that you may view them without any bias. Some are artists of various types, some are criminals, some are doctors and one is royalty. Pick the ones you see as most like the drawing and then check my Probaway blog-post for why I picked a particular one. Also check out the Casebook: of Jack the Ripper and the Wikipedia for other opinions.