The superhero Apophenio’s attributes are now revealed to the public. To be a superhero a human being must have an extraordinary power of some kind which can be used to combat the forces which are about to destroy humanity — the forces of evil. This superhero’s extraordinary ability is to find patterns latent in real information which are unseen by all ordinary people, including the other superheroes. The patterns which are found by Apophenio are always supported by various facts unseen by all others but which together form a consistent pattern which when revealed lead to the solution of a serious problem facing humanity and permitting it to survive better and function more abundantly.

In the past Apophenio has had extraordinary powers of the more typical kind thrust upon him. The ability to fly as fast as a speeding bullet, the energy at his fingertips to incinerate whole cities and the ability to converse with some of the richest and most intelligent people to ever walk the face of the Earth. He rejected some of those powers and was rejected by others. But now, those incredible powers and other extraordinary powers he could have possessed have been reduced almost to nothing, to the vanishing point, even below those of the average person. Most people when they meet him now in his normal street costume consider him to be an ordinary dweeb. Bookish, a bit of a computer geek, of questionable social skills and generally unemployable in the usual sense and worst of all possessing a tendency to expostulate far too long on grandiose subjects.

One of the key characteristics of a superhero and one possessed by Apophenio in abundance is the willingness to expend considerable energy on some questionable endeavor without hope of monetary reward or any other tangible reward, for that matter. The reward for nearly all superheroes is in doing good. In Apophenio’s case, it’s in the discovery of meaningful and important problems which others have seen but failed to understand but which are threatening all humanity.

Until now he has maintained a low profile in his secret identity but through an extraordinary experience at a high-level secret “garden party” of Berkeley intellectuals his superhero status was suspected, challenged and exposed. It will no longer be possible for him to protect the innocent people who were previously safe because of his anonymity. Those people may soon be challenged by the forces of universal destruction to reveal their personal superpowers in a perhaps futile effort to save humanity. It’s the same old story — it was ever thus — it has fallen upon the weak shoulders of some social outcasts to save civilization from the rich and powerful.

Always there exist the forces of evil and because the people who use these forces can rise to positions of power and influence they can garner respectability from the media, so the true superheroes struggling for a greater good are portrayed by these controllers as villains even supervillains. The media, the money manipulators, the enforcers always have a large component of power hungry people who rise to the top of their organizations and because they control the media, the money and the enforcement they proclaim themselves to be the heros of progress. But, in today’s world, these powerful peoples policies of manipulation to acquire even more power unto themselves are destroying the planet and we have very little time before the hard to determine tipping point to human oblivion is tipped.

To combat this awful evil, Apophenio’s only weapon is the power to see subtle patterns. His superpower is symbolized by a mysterious icon, an image completely invisible to all other human beings — only he is capable of seeing the patterns — only he can unravel the tangled skein — only he can speak the unspeakable sounds. He is deeper than deep, wider than wide, higher than high, brilliant in total darkness and obscure in the random roar of destiny. 

Infinitely weak!