These blogs will soon reveal the true identity of Jack the Ripper. It will be a shocker! However, once the name and the abundant proofs are presented everyone will say, “That’s obvious. I suspected it all along.” There are so many clues practically screaming the name. Need I keep being so politically correct, leaving it sexless? His name.

The next clue comes from the creation of the name Jack the Ripper. Before this Dear Boss letter this particular set of murders was tagged to an unknown person called Leather Apron, which is mentioned at the top of this letter. However, it is unquestionable that with the publication of this Dear Boss letter that this serial killer became known as Jack the Ripper.

The clues I have been presenting so far have been soft clues but they are facts. At this point I am not even saying that the murder was the person who sent this particular letter. All that is being claimed is that the name Jack the Ripper was created at this exact time and place. I believe that even the most hardened skeptic of my eventual proclamation of identity will agree to the near absolute fact that the name Jack the Ripper did not exist before this particular letter and that after its publication it was widely known.

Another fact is that the writer of this letter was comfortable writing quickly and smoothly in the English language and that he is comfortable thinking in English is shown by the consistently smooth transition from one word to the next. The top several lines are particularly clear this way and the darkening and smearing of the lower left of the page seem to be artifacts of the photographic reproduction.


Dear Boss letter - page 2

The Dear Boss letter signed by Jack the Ripper

The letter has a very personal quality about it. It is self consciously challenging, funny, and cute. It is clear that the author wants to be known and respected and is seeking this rather desperate way to gain fame. Of course he didn’t want to be buckled or he would be executed for these crimes so he couldn’t sign his personal name. Or could he? ha ha

This letter is dripping with clues that lead to one man!