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From the President of the United States

To waste, to destroy, our natural resources, to skin and exhaust the land instead of using it so as to increase its usefulness, will result in undermining in the days of our children the very prosperity which we ought by right to hand down to them amplified and developed.

This is from the President’s Message to Congress on December 3rd and of course it is very current and apropos of our current situation of exhaustion of natural resources. This same subject is being ballyhooed by President Obama at the Copenhagen Conference in his declarations of United States support of decreasing green house gasses and stopping global warming, sea level rise and in general making the world better for our children.

There is one tiny little comment I would like to make about that statement. The world population at the time it was first made was 1.7 billion and it is now 6.8 billion. There are now 5.1 billion more people on the planet now, which is enough more people to repopulate the total United States of that time (80 million) about 63 times over. For our President to make that same statement about our national policy toward long-term world stability and sustainability now would mean that in the same amount of time into the future there would be enough new Americans to import into our country 63 times 308 million or 19,404 billion. That’s crazy mathematics but it shows the absurdity of the above statement then and now. Clearly something different is going to happen in the next one hundred years than happened in the last one.

Oh yes, I neglected to mention, on purpose for added effect, that the quotation above was from Theodore Roosevelt’s message to congress delivered on December 3, 1907. This is 102 year anniversary of the message that President Barack Obama will be delivering to the world in Copenhagen. It is all nonsense, not because the words are wrong but because they won’t be implemented. They won’t be because they can’t be. They can’t be because it goes against the most primitive of all life forms, not just humans, basic instincts – survive at all cost and reproduce maximally. There is no controlling world population so long as there is food to feed people and there are groups of people with the right to produce as many children as they possibly can. At the moment we have an abundance of food, as proven by the fact that the population is expanding by 75 million people per year and there is no possibility of limiting the reproductive urge as proven by the fact that the population is expanding by 75 million people per year.

This problem of world population being brought to some number which the Earth can support in a stable way is politically impossible to attain because it is more like 100 million people. In fact it is impossible to even discuss population control as an abstract idea because it conflicts with basic animal urges. These urges have been built into our social systems and are now considered as fundamental rights. That is all well and good but it makes a rational solution to the problem impossible to achieve and the only way it can work itself out is through Natural Processes. That being the case population will expand to some totally unsustainable condition and then the beautiful world we presently enjoy will collapse. It won’t be our fault, though, and we won’t be responsible it is just nature’s way of regaining balance. It probably can not be prevented and so when faced with an impossible problem we moral humans are relieved of our responsibility to act morally relative to that situation. Our morally condemning the inevitable population collapse and fighting it is like condemning gravity and fighting its effects. 

What will be the Earth’s maximum population?

Darwin Awards are coming humanity’s way. 

The coming human population crash is an unpopular topic. 

The coming global disaster is in full speed ahead mode.

All we can do as individuals is to support the EarthArk and hope for a better future after the burst.