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Doomsday and Virtual Weapons States (VWS) were discussed today by the diplomatic editor of the Guardian, Julian Borger. He reported that the outgoing director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, El Baradei a Nobe Peace Prize holder worried that the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) conference would fail unless the United States and Russia gave up most of their weapons to set a moral high ground. He said, that moral quality is needed or there is no reason for the other nations of the world not to build weapons. He said, “Slash the 27,000 warheads we have, 95% of which are in Russia and the US. You can easily slash [the arsenals] to 1,000 each, or even 500.” He implied that if all of these countries had only a few weapons there would be no need to use them.

The problem, here in the modern world, is that how to build an atomic bomb is common knowledge. In fact the Hiroshima gun barrel type atomic bomb requires very little sophistication but only an expensive and difficult to acquire amount of Uranium or Plutonium. For sophisticated nonnuclear powers such as Japan, South Korea, Germany and many others it can easily be done. Those sophisticated economies can remain in compliance with the existing NPT by not assembling the weapons. It is of course a state secret if and how many weapons any nation actually possess or can create on short notice. But it is too much to even hope for that no weapons could be deployed quickly, especially in a time of severe political stress by these Virtual Weapons States. There are already perhaps ten Atomic Weapons States with weapons at the ready and perhaps another ten which are Virtual Weapons States which could field a weapon within a month. That atomic weapons exist is an unfortunate reality and the knowledge that they can be made will never go away. The second permanent problem was also granted by nature and that is the inclination and ability to reproduce as many offspring as the environment will sustain. At the moment the Earth is wonderfully supportive of humans.

The present world is filled with abundance! The simple proof or that seemingly silly assertion is the exploding human population because without food and in abundance the population could not be growing. However, when some essential material, such as oil or water, for maintaining our current abundance falters there will be serious political stress. When that shortage, whatever it is, effects the world food supply there will be conflict and if that food shortfall is had by an atomic bomb possessing group they will probably be forced by circumstance and their own populations use them. El Baradei’s concluding statement in the article was hopeful to the point of hallucination,

“If some of this concrete action is taken before the NPT [conference], you would have a completely different environment. All these so-called virtual weapons states, or virtual wannabe weapons states, will think twice … because then the major powers will have the moral authority to go after them and say: ‘We are doing our part of the bargain. Now it is up to you!’ “

The words moral authority are never going to carry the convincing power of an atomic bomb in your possession even an unassembled one. The unpleasant choices for humanity which the authorities refuse to acknowledge are: 1. Continue as we are going until the world gets destroyed—THE END. 2. Continue as we are until the world gets destroyed but have a backup plan in place like the The EarthArk or The Lifehaven Project for reconstituting human civilization. 3. Create a single world temporal sovereignty which has exclusive possession of Weapons of Annihilation (WOE) and regulate the human population to a permanently sustainable number. Hopefully, a way could be found to make this fair to all people by having a meaningful input from all people. A sustainable human population can not be maintained with unlimited access to WOEs and reproduction.