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Migraine auras only happen every couple of months for me and were treated yesterday with my particular form of finger tapping. This was discussed in my blog Migraine cure – an aura event appeared to respond to an ice pack and tapping.

Yesterday, while walking the in meadows of South Lake Tahoe I had a migraine aura prodrome. In some ways it came on in the typical way, with the large donut of opaque sparkly lines around my central vision. What seemed unusual was that I was feeling more relaxed than normal because I was walking alone in a very peaceful grassy field. It was similar to Julie Andrews romp in the mountains singing, “The world is alive with the sound of music.” Perhaps, it was the bright light of being out in the open on a cloudless day which brought it on. In any case within a minute of first noticing the sparkles I was able to sit down under a pine tree and begin tapping the back of my head, side to side alternately, with the pads of my finger tips. I tapped firmly but lightly at a rate of about 10 per second. Five hits per hand per second. The force of the energy is toward the center of the back of my head behind the ears where the human visual centers are located. (If you bring your elbows up to the level of your to chin with the cups of your hands covering your ears, then your finger tips will be near the position I was using.) I did this for about ten seconds and then observed if there was any change in the aura. I thought maybe there was so I repeated. Ten seconds of tapping twenty seconds of observing the quality of the aura.

There was an effect. What happened was that the sparkly character of the doughnut turned into a soft-fuzzy-glowy doughnut. I repeated this procedure again — same effect. So, I kept on doing this for a couple of minutes while sitting otherwise quite peacefully under the tree. I don’t wear a watch anymore but the whole sparkly part of the event wasn’t more than five minutes and the fuzzy doughnut a couple minutes more at most. It was comfortable under the tree so I sat there for another half an hour, idly looking at the beautiful scenery and then walked down to the Lake Tahoe beach. (See at Google Earth 38.9429 -119.9922)

This was the mildest migraine aura event I have ever had but it is worth reporting because if this works for other people it will save a lot of annoyance and suffering.