This afternoon I talked with my friends about how to get my Jack the Ripper was Conan Doyle theory more exposed to the public. It has been posted on the internet for twelve days and has gotten only a hundred hits. Since this is a news story equivilant to the sinking of the Titanic there should be a flood of interest but there isn’t, at least not yet.

I was discussing my plan of picketing the Sherlock Holmes movie with my coffee shop buddies, which is coming out Christmas day. Everyone thought it would help get some interest in my blog but only if the media was present and carried the story. Just picketing a movie theater on a cold winters night would only get my feet cold so I must contact a media outlet such as TV or newspaper. I sent the San Francisco Chronicle a press release but they didn’t even bother to respond with anything other than a boiler plate email, “Don’t call us we will call you if we are interested.” And here I thought the media was only interested in homicies, but no, it seems the blood must still be flowing and preferably white American blood, even a car wreck, to perk their interest. Old dried up English blood just isn’t good enough. Even phoney Hollywood blather blood is better than the real Jack the Ripper red stuff. Doyle knew this so he gave it to them and it worked for him.

In my mind and with the help of my interlocutors a picket sign with the words Sherlock Holmes was Jack the Ripper big enough to read easily from a distance and some finer print readable from a couple of steps saying, ”

Conan Doyle the original author of

Sherlock Holmes
Jack the Ripper
the real serial killer.

Then a hand out with some of the basic clues revealed to be given out on the street in front of the theater. The California theater is going to have the Sherlock Holmes movie on Friday and that is a convient venue for me. Perhaps a San Francisco theater would be more convient for the Chronicle or perhaps Channel 2 and the Tribune would be better. Berkeley still has some cachet for odd ball theories so they might like that part of the spin.

Ted said, if I get the coverage he will buy me a steak dinner in addition to the cup of Med coffee on New Years Day.