There has been too much talk about Doomsday. We need a new day which is the opposite of Doomsday a New Adventure. A day commemorating a vivacious New World. A new world where there would be workable principles which could bring about a self balancing society. One which would return to a natural harmony with the Earth. This would be possible if there were few enough people on the Earth such that it could supply all needs and wants in abundance and be self restoring. It would be possible if people’s needs were met and there was an inexorable negative feedback to all overshot behavior. This would be a second coming for humanity but not of an individual messiah but of a whole new humanity — one based on a permanent dynamic sustainability.

For humanity it would be a limited libration with its dynamic energy moving around some central point or points with strangely attractive behaviors. It is difficult or perhaps impossible to define exactly how this works because it constantly changes but there is a feedback which takes the various forces and inertiae and as things change the summation of the complex behaviors move and migrate about some points that after many cycles do become identifiable. Humanities total population would be one of these where it were oscillate about some figure which balanced out all of the numerous factors of food, predators, competition, resources and many other variables. While humans were living in a low tech situation that is the way it was. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, we have acquired the ability to generate vast amounts of high quality information and the ability to use that information to control the world. All of this was still okay for a long time because the Earth is so big compared to humans but then about the year 1800 humans started getting too good for their own long-term good. They developed the scientific method of accurate information generation and effective methods for using that information to build a better and bigger society. Still it might have gone along smoothly oscillating about some strange attractor of population but at a new set point. Then came super knowledge and super weapons and now functionally super humans and we have, or nearly have, the ability to exterminate themselves. This takes our present strange attractor point and moves it to some infinity of no return. Human population is now in a condition of bouncing from infinitely large, which is unsustainable to infinitely small which is also equally unsustainable. Until this problem can be solved humanity is soon to be terminated — terminated forever. With our present technology we will oscillate from far too many humans to far too few and will soon fail. The problem becomes two-fold how to limit population to an easily provided for number and how to eliminate the high-tech knowledge and ability to exterminate humanity. At present we have both abilities for absolute overpopulation and total destruction but we also have the foresight to create a society where these excess things can be controled and eliminated. If that were successfully accomplished it would be possible to enter into a liberating humanity situation and everyone who choose to do so could live a long, enjoyable and comfortable life.

What would the ideal number of living humans be? I don’t know but if humanity were to survive for thousands of years those people of the distant future would from experience come to know a proper number if they had guidelines as to when there were too many and when there were too few. Here are possible definitions: There are too many people when the Earth’s single use resources are being mined. If humanity is to live for a very, very long time all the usage of materials must be 100% recyclable and recycled. And the opposite, there are too few people when the technology requiring human input is not able to be peopled with sufficient numbers workers to maintain society. Because there are so many variables such as hurricanes and droughts there must be a built in reserve which must be calculated into these estimates. Who are the people going to be to make these population estimates? It needs to be a fair process with everyone being able, at some point in their lives, to have some input as to the numbering process. It would seem best in this distant and stable society if people beyond reproductive years are the deciders but not people so old as to have mental failings. They should have abundant life experience but still be thoughtful. Perhaps each decade of life which could be most objective about some particular subject should have a particular type of voting input decided by that cohert to decide that item. People age 60-70 would vote on the population number to be aimed at for the next decade. People age 30-40 would vote on how much money was to be spent of health care. Each decade a decade of people would vote on their decades option and that option would change every decade as they aged. There would obviously be a lot of political bickering about this process but that ultimately smooths thing out. This is just an idea of a possibility for allocating various resources. Perhaps these votes would not be abstract numbers but rather options like 1 much more, 2 some more, 3 about the same , 4 some less, 5 a lot less. That would be an effort to give a gentle push in some desirable direction.

The other major obstacle to permanent librating humanity is the total absence of WOEs, (Weapons of Extermination). These types of weapons must not only eliminated the people who seek them must be eliminated. No one needs WOEs and those who seek them can not be trusted or tolerated so they must go. A very high-tech civilization will be possible in the distant future of humanity and that will probably include access to ultra high-speed information. That sounds wonderful until one considers tha possibility of downloading precise information on how to make WOEs. This kind of information could be downloaded in a millisecond embedded in a single frame of a high def movie. This information could then be copied out of that frame or memorized or whatever and be available to this person who would become very dangerous to all humanity. A world with instantaneous access to all information ever possessed by humans in this distant time would soon destroy everyone. Some people in seemingly beautiful life situations nowadays elect to commit suicide and some of these choose to take loved ones with them. That can not be permitted with access to WOEs type information or else all humanity dies and almost everyone wants to live and enjoy life. This is a case where majority rules makes sense.

To maximize human happiness there needs to be healthy people living on a healthy Earth.