Stating positively what needs to be done to eliminate ugly behavior in a future stable world society is difficult to make understandable and palatable. The two absolutes which must be answered for humanity to survive indefinitely are population stabilization and WOEs (Weapons of Annihilation). Yesterday, I discussed and defined these terms but this post is about enforcement possibilities of those laws. All of the laws will be created by and monitored by the people of the future who must live within their boundaries. As society is presently structured neither of those ultimate goals can be implemented because they are seemingly too harsh and impose too much upon personal freedoms. So, I am not addressing these potential solutions to currently living people because they could not and would not tolerate the restrictions. However once in a stable society all that is requested is that a healthy person is limited to three children and not having any access to WOEs. Those laws should not seem oppressive.

Once the people of the future had chosen an appropriate number of people for their Earth for a given year what would be the guidelines for enforcing that number? Say, just for example, they choose that for the year 7,000 CE the total number of people should be 100 million and because the society was healthy and human longevity equaled 100 years then 1 million people would die per year and therefore the births that year should be 1 million babies. If an exact count were maintained by computer it would be known with general precision just how many new pregnancies there should be each day. That being known there could be authorizations for which women would be permitted to practice unprotected sex. These women would  receive an authorization once a year and be reconsidered every year or so until they had the number of children they and the society wanted. At that time they would lose their authorization and after a year or so when their final babies were past their risky first year of life those mothers would be sterilized. If careful track were kept of the dying and the birthing a reasonably exact running total-number of living people could be maintained and the pregnancies adjusted on a frequent basis. For most people the process would have no constraints at all and it is just an accepted policy of setting of total number of births to some number which maintains a balanced society.

What about those people who fall outside of this regulated society such as those people who chose to flee into remote mountains? If they and their offspring were living in a totally subsistence society of hand farming or low tech hunting it wouldn’t make any difference and no one would care. But a problem arises when they or their children start to reënter society as to how they should then be accepted and regulated. If it were a very small number in new people it wouldn’t make any difference and just count them as new births but if they come from a healthy free breeding population their numbers could grow exponentially and that is exactly what the whole laws of this balanced society must prevent. The easiest to enforce and perhaps ultimately the least painful to all involved is to have an absolute clearcut policy such as: People can choose to go to the primitive unregulated society or they can come from that society to the regulated one but when crossing over the border they would be sexually sterilized. The primitive people would be kept in natural population balance by natural processes but they wouldn’t have access to any form of higher knowledge of weapons. These would be wild populations of people and would have to live in relatively easily isolated places like remote islands where they didn’t have easy access to the world society. These people would be as free as humans were a hundred thousand years ago.

The other major problem is WOEs and how to regulate their use. Nature has provided the world with the possibility of creating weapons of extermination to highly advanced societies. If society is to survive for unlimited periods there must be no possibility of these weapons being used. The primitive people living a wild existence do not have the technology for creating these weapons. However, even at present, 2009, there is the possibility that humans may be able to create these humanity extinguishing devices. With even better computers and faster internet and even better storage of information devices it is becoming possible for the precise knowledge of how to do these things to become available to everyone. It may soon be possible for anyone to annihilate humanity. Needless to say that is an extremely undesirable situation and so in this future society any person or group of people seeking that information or the materials for creating those kinds of devices should be immediately isolated and if found guilty of that search for WOEs should be terminated. That is very harsh but one would suspect that only a handful of people per year would ever come under suspicion of seeking WOEs. Thus a list of specific information and items which are necessary for creating these needs to be created and watched for carefully. The watchers, mostly computers, don’t need to know how to use these particular items only to watch for them and when too many of them go back to a single interested party to apprehend them and check very carefully what they are doing.

These two general guidelines for a stable society’s laws must be implemented or it seems unlikely any high-tech society could last very long. The other option is to let all humanity revert to a very  technologically primitive form which existed before farming came into existence. That would be successful and may well happen after the approaching Doomsday disaster but it would seem that a recovery based on The EarthArk Project would be more desirable. If that happens people will be more amenable to creating A New Adventure type of society.