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This blog has posted unequivocal clues pointing to the identity of Jack the Ripper for several months. No one has come forth with his name so having said the name time and again in very thinly disguised code here it is in plain text. Jack the Ripper was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. There I have said it publicly on the internet for everyone to see. With that simple revelation you can now easily decipher why each of the clues point to one and only one person, Conan Doyle.

On April 15, 2009 I wrote, … I am going to go sort of slow on these clues to the identity of Jack, about one a week or so, because they are so obvious that once you see them there isn’t much of a game anymore. It is going to be all of the usual stuff, it’s just that once you know what clues to look for Jack’s identity becomes glaringly obvious. By the way his name is NOT on the usual list of suspects. That will soon be upgraded.

There may be more representations of the fictional character portrayed below than any other fictional character except perhaps Dracula. More on that later. For our Christmas present 2009 Hollywood is about to have yet another screen representation of his quirky sleuth Sherlock Holmes.

HOMELESS                                                A SUSPICIOUS CHARACTER


Published 13 Oct 1888 Illustrated London News

Jack the Ripper pursued by Sherlock Holmes and Dr. James Watson
Here it is spelled out for you in the Illustrated London News three weeks before Mary Kelly’s murder. Homeless = Holmes S or would you prefer a picture of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. James Watson printed in the newspaper with his name under the picture? There he is, Sherlock in his iconic deerstalker hat and his companion Watson in his bowler hat. The picture above was published before they would be recognized by the public even by Doyle’s own graphic artists which at that time did the picture seen below. Without the magnifying glass up to his eye and the word Rache Sherlock would be unrecognizable. Notice he isn’t in a deerstalker cap but the cape seen in both pictures precedes other superheros by decades.

Unusual and unrecognisable picture of Sherlock Holmes

Do you recognise the 1888 image of Sherlock Holmes?

Why is Jack the Ripper still famous? This seems like a foolish question until you think about for a minute. Once the Ripperologists start thinking clearly about the clues it becomes obvious who this very unusual person had to be. Here it is more than one hundred and twenty years after his murders and yet, Jack the Ripper is still famous. That simple fact is very informative. Why? Because it is the sign of a world-class story-teller. There have been tens of millions of homicides, including military ones, since 1888 but we still remember these five individual murders.  Why? Because they are interesting! That’s a clue because most murders are just tragic deaths and soon forgotten.

A photograph of the Jack the Ripper in the victim’s eye. Who in the world would come up with such a ludicrous suggestion for discovering a killer except for a very clever someone giving clues—a person whose first and last name both refer to the eye. Conan as in con to look—as in conning tower of an airport also to con means to fool someone. And secondly the name Doyle in the french language means of the eye. Perhaps someone who had published many articles about photography or perhaps a budding eye doctor with an eye magnifying glass would offer such a silly suggestion.  Doyle fits all of these unusual clues.

Dear Boss – Jack the Ripper It is unchallengeable that with the publication of the Dear Boss letter this serial killer became known as Jack the Ripper. Therefore this is a critical clue.

Dear Boss letter – page 2

This letter is self-consciously challenging, funny, and cute. It is clear that the author wants to be known and respected and is seeking this rather desperate way to gain fame. You will soon hear of me with my funny little games. Of course he didn’t want to be buckled or he would be executed for these crimes so he couldn’t sign his personal name. Or could he? Perhaps he could if he used a slight code — ha ha

The most famous words in this letter, Jack the Ripper, Dear Boss and ha ha, are his name slightly encoded in the beginning words and in the two concluding salutary closings. The name Jack the Ripper, easily converts into — Dr. Ignatius Arthur Conan Doyle’s name and title. It is the initial letters of his name Ignatius Arthur Conan Doyle, and the word Doctor. He rarely used the name Ignatius but it was on his birth certificate and he did attend a Jesuit school, founded by Saint Ignatius Loyola.

The English letters I and J are often interchangeable as in the spelling of John as Ian and thus his initials JAC becomes Ignatius Arthur Conan and  The Ripper becomes D Ripper. The word the is pronounced and spelled d or de in most European languages and medical surgeons are sometimes jocularly called rippers.

Conan Doyle was a practicing medical doctor at the time of the Ripper murders and he goads the police with the post script, They say I’m a doctor now ha ha.

Doctor Conan Doyle – Licensed to kill – Letter to his mother upon his graduation from medical school

Licensed to kill, isn’t the letter most son’s would send to their mother upon graduating from medical school but it implies his rather unusual attitude towards homicide. It is found in, Arthur Conan Doyle: A Life in Letters p. 137.

The letter in red above is known as the Dear Boss letter and once you are looking for Arthur Conan Doyle’s name in the most prominent places it becomes easy to find. These clue words I am pointing out are not randomly chosen words but are the most famous and most prominent words in the letter.

Dear Boss = De as in of or by — ar as in Arthur — and Boss as in a lump a bump a condyle. Thus we have — by ar condyle = By Arthur Conan Doyle.  The very first words in the letter is the well-known proper name of the sender of the letter and thus the self-proclaimed killer and so too is the nom de plume Jack the Ripper at the end, Conan Doyle’s public name’s initials and title.

Thus the two most well-known things about this letter are found to be Conan Doyle’s name slightly encoded.  There are more, for example:

The concluding letters of the post script with the underlining, ha ha are also a signature by the author of this letter. They commemorate his famous political cartoonist grandfather who used the secret identity HB signed at the bottom of his drawings. John Doyle used these signature letters for decades without being identified.  Except in this case the Doyle in question is named Arthur so instead of HB he used HA and for emphasis ha ha is a goading joke to the police!

Jack the Ripper had a chameleon personality. Today I want to emphasize that Jack had a chameleon like personality. He was able to compartmentalized his thoughts and behavior and to present the personality which suited his purpose at the moment. Therefore he was a consummate actor as well as being a cold-blooded killer and skilled butcher. London in late 1888 was in a state of panic about the previous murders and the helplessness of the police. Yet, even at this time when everyone, especially women at night, would be desperately cautious he had such highly developed acting abilities that he was able to lure women into a place where he could not only kill them but immediately butcher their dead bodies. It takes a very unusual person with unusual motives to do all of those things and do them well. One curious item was that not only did Jack do reasonably commendable surgery on these women who were living and laughing only a few short seconds before but he did it in the dark and very quickly too because the patrol policeman was coming by any minute. It is obvious therefore that Jack  was a very talented man with morbid courage and abundant experience with swift killing and butchery. That is obvious but these are also obvious clues to his identity because so very few people possess all of these abilities. Doyle had them all. Did I mention that this was obvious to anyone who knows Conan Doyle’s life history.

Doyle spent nine months on a whaling ship, his last year in medical school, where he was the ship’s doctor. In his biography he says he spent a lot of time killing seals and gutting there still quivering bodies and skinning them immediately. He said it was difficult at first, killing these lovable little creatures, but he got used to it and skilled at it. A handy set of traits for Jack to be able to kill women and then skillfully cut out particular organs, quickly — in the dark, with the police looking for him. There wouldn’t be many surgeons or butchers who could do that — quickly, in the dark, without getting scared and cutting their own fingers.

Jack the Ripper was a consummate doer of evil. With this post I gave away Conan Doyle’s initials plus a vowel in the title. A CONsummate DOer of evil. Who in the world could and would commit the evil acts which Jack the Ripper committed? The only possible answer is a consummate doer of evil. How can one claim otherwise? This man reveled in evil deeds and is famous for it and for making the evil of the deeds interesting to the public in his Sherlock Holmes stories and many others. In this case he was so evil that he chose women for his attacks that had done very little that was criminal or even more than slightly immoral.

Why should Jack have brought about these exotic attacks? The reasons are pretty obvious: he wanted to be famous and he was willing to take real risks to gain that fame. He wanted to gain personal fame for the murders but he didn’t want to be identified immediately or he would be hung. He wanted his personal name to be revealed long after he had died when the fame associated with his previously known public personal name might be fading. He wanted a way to revivify his name and fame—to be reborn again and again and to live on after a normal physical death. Thus later he became noted for being a spiritualist and spending much of his fortune on spreading the word about eternal life after death of the  physical body.

This post is the beginning of fulfilling Doyle’s fondest wish. He wanted to commit the perfect crime, to make the crime famous and to have his personal name associated with that perfect crime and thus to expand and retain his fame. He wanted to be famous not just for a few weeks but for his entire lifetime, long beyond that and even into an after life. He wanted to reveal his name a long time after he had died a normal physical death in old age so that the getting away with murders for such a long time would enhance his reputation and fame even more. Jack the Ripper is screaming his name at YOU and I! Even though he died physically July 7, 1930 and is lying peacefully in his grave, Steel True – Blade Straight , an appropriate epitaph for Jack The Ripper, engraved in stone over his body. He wanted you to know who he was and to revere him even more than you already do. He left a trail of crimes and hoaxes which will not be discovered for centuries if ever. They lie waiting to be discovered by those sleuths who can untangle the skein of clues he left. I found one hoax but left it buried in the California hills. Why not? Until the funny little games are revealed there would be true believers claiming it was a great, history changing, find.

Why can’t people trust their own senses? One of the strangest phenomena I have observed about human beings, at least the ones I know personally, is their inability to trust the observations of their own senses. That quality becomes very apparent when I discuss something so obvious as the various clues in the series of crimes labeled, “Jack the Ripper”. The fact is that the perpetrator of those crimes signed them with his own personal name and it can be readily seen by anyone who knows that person’s name and yet when ordinary people see the name they will quickly say, it isn’t there. That I am imagining it, and when I point it out, even though they see it and they will say that I am projecting my preconceived thoughts onto this 121 year old piece of paper. Oh, yes they will say, it is there but that is just a strange coincidence and it doesn’t really mean anything. Yes it is there repeatedly but if you look around you can find any person’s name on the document, if you look hard enough. Perhaps that is true, but I say, this isn’t just a random picking out of letters helter-skelter from around the document. No, it is picking out the most famous words in the document and the very first and last words. It is like picking out the most famous word in a famous novel of the time, say, Dracula and then saying that that exact word is the clue word to who wrote that book, (it is generally acknowledged by Bram Stoker authorities that he didn’t write it) that that word is the unknown person’s personal public name known to everyone. Shortly after the Jack the Ripper murders there was a famous fictional killer who lived in exactly the same address location as the most famous Ripper victim, Mary Kelly, and his name was Dracula. It’s like suggesting that Dracula was the murderer of Mary Kelly.

Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Jack the Ripper and Vincent Van Gogh What a famous bunch of cut-ups all doing pretty much the same thing at the same time. Here it is some 121 years later and those folks are still famous for their sharp “wits”. Van Gogh once used his upon himself and cut off his left ear and gave it to a hard-working girlfriend Rachel for a Christmas present. Now that’s a weird gift to find under your Christmas tree! Sherlock Holmes, a fictional character like Dracula, seems unrelated until you notice that the very first word of this entire canon of sixty stories is pictured in the word Rache which is linked early in the story by the not too bright police detective to the word Rachel. The first edition of the book Study in Scarlet was in the bookstores at the same time these other events were in play. There was another famous cut up at the time, John Doyle Lee who was executed for slashing the throat of a girl named Rachel at Mountain Meadows, Utah, the site where Drebber gets his start. The blood on the wall forming the word Rache was taken from the slashed throat of the victim, Enoch (James) Drebber (Having read this far, you should now be suspicious of I am es D Repper) — Jack the Ripper was slashing throats for his Rache! at the same time. And so was Vincent for his Rachel and John Doyle Lee and of course Dracula had a well known interest in women’s bloody throats.

“Jack the Ripper left no clues”?! Ha! Ha! What a joke !!! Here it is 121 years after the Jack the Ripper events in London’s Whitechapel district and millions of man-hours have been wasted in searching for him and still the authorities claim they have no clues. The simple truth is that the murder left an absolute blizzard of clues and these millions of sleuths have been too dull-witted to see what is placed before their eyes, in plain sight. It’s rather similar to The Purloined Letter by Edgar Allan Poe. Will they be annoyed with me for spoiling their fun? Ha Ha

There is a long list of Jack the Ripper suspects in the Wikipedia. That is the current state of the Ripper art and it is unfortunate that there are many decent people being accused of these vicious crimes. What is particularly sad is that all of these Jack the Ripper suspects have had their memory egregiously sullied but they are all innocent, at least of these crimes. Below is a modern artists mockup reported on MSNBC from original witness descriptions and other photos of suspects.

Jack the Ripper age late 20s

Arthur Conan Doyle

Now you know how to spot the tell-tale clues. You know my methods, now apply them. Apply them to the prime suspects of the Jack the Ripper murders who themselves had mysterious deaths. Doyle liked to follow the rules and keep things in proper balance.

Jack the Ripper was A Conan Doyle ~ !
[update: 2012/03/15 – Another similar set of proofs implicating Sir Conan Doyle in the creation of the now recognized as fake, Francis Drake’s Plate of Brass. The foundation document of the British Empire.]