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The circumpolar winds are the answer to humanity’s immediate problems—energy, global warming and food. Unfortunately they are not the answer to the worst problems of all—unlimited population growth coupled with thermonuclear weapons. Those last two will bring on world wars, WW III and WW N+1. The over-abundant human population will at some point create a food shortfall which will precipitate the use of whatever weapons a nation has to supply food to its own people and that ignites the first war.

With so many nations having nuclear weapons there will be no way to stop a nuclear Doomsday from occurring. The unfortunate aftermath of that first catastrophe will be that many of those weapons will not have been used or destroyed and many people with little to restrain them will come into possession of the weapons at that time. Perhaps as many as one third of the thirty thousand bombs now in existence will be in the hands of a thousand different local individuals who were responsible for them before the war and were formerly restrained by their governments. At that time the world will be far more unstable than it is now. That is why I created the term, WW N+1 because there will keep being nuclear wars as long as there are two groups in possession of them.

Doomsday repetes itself

Doomsday repeats itself

That is the likely reality when looking at humanity from the 12,000 year perspective. It will probably take a while before a single power owns all of the weapons and brings an end to nuclear wars. Oppenheimer was right when he claimed to be the shatterer of worlds—that hasn’t happened just yet but all of the pieces are in place for it to happen at any moment. The most reasonable response to this impending catastrophe for responsible individuals is for them to support The Lifehaven Project and The Earthark Project. That isn’t a counsel of despair but one of hope. The hope for humanity to recover and survive for another twelve millenniums.

In the long run, after the population is stabilized and nuclear weapons are eliminated, the first three problems—energy, global stabilization and food—will reassert themselves as humanity’s real goals. All of these are dependent upon the sun and the use of its energy. Ultimately all energy for humanity’s positive use must come from the sun—even fossil fuels and uranium are stored star energy—but they will be gone in only 200 years at present rate of usage, even atomic energy, which is mined uranium, will be totally consumed on that time scale. Plutonium may be created but in the end be the end of mankind because it promises energy but it is easily diverted into bombs.

Solar panels and steam powered concentrated solar energy can create a lot of power but the real source of easily collected solar power is the wind. The wind is part of the Earth’s mechanism for re-radiating solar energy back into outer space. It does that by moving heat from hot regions near the equator to cold regions nearer the poles. By tapping this wind’s energy with a very large number of very large kites it will be possible to do several things. It is possible to convert that wind energy into electricity and use that for all of the things it is currently used for and also for the most of uses that fossil fuels are presently being used for. Also the kites could be used to control the direction and velocity of the wind and so control the weather and the climate to maximize the stability of the earth’s climate system. And they could be used to control the temperature and flow of the oceans themselves by hauling up cold water from the depths, with the kites sea-anchor drogues, where cooling was needed. And they could be used for controlling the Gulf Streams gyres as they impact the oceanic conveyor belt and maintain its ideal flow.

Those are a mere mention of some of the possibilities for these large kites but ultimately the goal is to stabilize the world and make it into an Earthly paradise for a very long time. In some ways this new world would be a very boring place for people like me because all of the exciting creative new things would be discovered and explored, but there will probably be many new and interesting things to put one’s mind to of which we can not have the slightest conception. I would like to make that continued world possible to these people of the distant future but we have to set up the possibility of that world now. After the Doomsday events begin the need for our actions will be much more obvious but much harder to think clearly about. The pressures for immediate action will precipitate rash actions and so we need to plan out some sort of ideal state toward which these people might strive.

These can only be suggestions, obviously, but we presently have a fully functioning massive technology which can create many things which in a few years will probably be impossible to manufacture. Imagine how impossibly difficult it would be for a village culture to create a silicon chip based civilization or even manufacture a vast number of kites. Without those things it would be difficult to operate the solar derived new world I am proposing.