One of the strangest phenomena I have observed about human beings, at least the ones I know personally, is their inability to trust the observations of their own senses. That quality becomes very apparent when I discuss something so obvious as the various clues in the series of crimes labeled, “Jack the Ripper”. The fact is that the perpetrator of those crimes signed them with his own personal name and it can be readily seen by anyone who knows that person’s name and yet when ordinary people see the name they will quickly say, it isn’t there. That I am imagining it, even though they see it and that projecting my preconceived thoughts onto this 121 year old piece of paper. Oh, yes they will say, it is there but that is just a strange coincidence and it doesn’t really mean anything. Yes it is there but if you look around you can find any person’s name on the document, if you look hard enough. Perhaps that is true, but I say, this isn’t just a random picking out of letters helter skelter from around the document it is picking out the most famous words in the document. It is like picking out the most famous word in a famous novel of the time, say, Dracula and then saying that that exact word is the clue word to who wrote that exact book, (it is generally acknowledged by Bram Stoker authorities that he didn’t write it) that that word is the unknown person’s personal public name known to everyone. Shortly after the Jack the Ripper murders there was a famous fictional killer who lived in exactly the same address location as the most famous Ripper victim, Mary Kelly, and his name was Dracula. It’s like implying that Dracula is the murderer of Mary Kelly.

I then spell out exactly how to work this magical transformation and reveal the identity of Jack the Ripper. That will be made public in a month or so and it will be a shocking revelation.

Sherlock Holmes knew that Jack the Ripper was intimately connected to Dracula. If that fictional super sleuth could figrue out the connections certainly you people with computers and much more detailed information available than he had should be able to decipher it in no time at all. If you trust your own senses the clues I have given you in these blogs are sufficient. However, my experience is that ordinary people are unable to see clues even when you spell them out. That lack of perspicuity will without doubt lead to a condemnation of my sleuthing methods but I assure you there will be more parallel clues which will point to this exact same person.