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Jack the Ripper

Homeless - A suspicious character - Illustrated London News - 13 October 1888

I have known for twenty years the identity of Jack the Ripper. It was so obvious who he was that it seemed I would be a spoil sport to reveal his name. But as no one has deciphered the clues and it has been some one hundred and twenty years since the murders it is time for me to give you amateur sleuths a little help. To start with Jack consistently donated a mountain of clues to the public clearly linking himself personally to these crimes. It is rather like his mentor, Edgar Allan Poe and his short story The Purloined Letter about obvious clues which everyone sees but no one comprehends. But to keep the game afoot for a little longer I will dribble out the clues which are already there for all to see as in the picture above, which was published while the Ripper was still very active, with what he thought of as his funny little mind games.